Why work in corporate finance

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Is a Career in Corporate Finance for You?

why work in corporate finance

Corporate finance relates to the financial activities fundamental to running a business and is primarily concerned with maximising shareholder value. A career in.

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If you're new here, please click here to get my FREE page investment banking recruiting guide - plus, get weekly updates so that you can break into investment banking. Thanks for visiting! What better way to understand a typical corporate finance career path than to hear from a professional who has been there and done that? You start to feel desperate, when out of the blue a friend calls. What do you say? Every corporate finance department is different, so the exact team depends on the organization, the size of the division, the industry, and plenty of other parameters. For example:.

Corporate finance relates to the financial activities fundamental to running a business and is primarily concerned with maximising shareholder value. A career in corporate finance offers the opportunity to be at the centre of how a business operates ; it is the way in which companies finance creation, growth and the acquisition or disposal of business. A corporate finance professional is primarily tasked with managing an organisations money and you could find yourself working on a wide range of matters , including capital raising through either securing a loan from an investment bank, restructuring the business or winning financial backing through another platform e. If you enjoy working with numbers and you have strong analytical skills , then corporate finance could be the career for you. Those who are good problem-solvers and have a strong attention to detail do well in the area.

Life at Deloitte. As a young person entering the work force, the thought of spending the next 40 odd years of your life in a job can be quite daunting. Trying to find the right career path is even more difficult, especially when nowadays there is so many options and job positions going. When the opportunity arouse for me to have the chance at first-hand on the job experience in Deloitte for the summer, I felt it was a chance to not only help grow my CV, but a chance to really see what I wanted to do. A career in Financial Advisory has always tempted me since the beginning of my secondary education. The opportunity to work with multi-national companies and advice and assess their financial position is not only a massive role, but one that I feel would be quite engaging and rewarding.

Corporate financial analysts are to business what a navigator is to a large ship: They chart a company's financial course based on goals prescribed by management and use a variety of tools and techniques to keep the company on track. With this kind of major monetary responsibility, it is not surprising that a career in corporate finance requires exacting precision; even small errors can cost a company a fortune. Some of the responsibilities of a financial analyst's job include the following:. Corporate finance positions generally pay very well and are quite stable, with predictable demands set around calendar reporting times: weekly, monthly, quarterly and annually. Tell us a little about yourself and we'll connect you with schools that offer finance degree programs.

If you love working with numbers, are mathematically gifted and possess strong quantitative and analytical skills, corporate finance may be the right career for you. A career in corporate finance is also ideal for you if you enjoy and are exceptionally good at problem-solving, and you also possess possess strong attention to detail. Working in corporate finance requires that you crunch the numbers right every time. A rare oversight or error may be forgiven once, but recurrent mistakes may necessitate considering a new career path. The size, industry, complexity and stage of the company i.

Corporate finance and investment banking aren't all that different in a general sense. Investment banks raise capital for other companies through securities operations in the debt and equity markets. They offer advisory services to big clients and perform complex financial analyses. A generally accepted distinction between corporate finance jobs and investment banking jobs is that a corporate finance professional deals with day-to-day financial operations and handles short- and long-term business goals, while an investment banker focuses on raising capital. Investment banking grows a company,. Corporate finance manages a company. It's a catch-all title for any business division that handles financial activities for a firm.

The Corporate Finance Career Path: From Analyst Monkey to CFO

Why an internship in Financial Advisory?

If you continue without changing your settings, we'll assume that you are happy to receive all cookies on the Robert Walters website. However, if you would like to, you can change your cookie settings at any time. The role is by nature a client facing position, working with blue-chip clients on often very lucrative and prestigious deals. The role is by nature client facing, working with blue-chip clients on often very lucrative and prestigious deals. Select Geolocation Variant. Thinking of a career in corporate finance?

You might work for a large multinational company or a smaller player with high growth prospects. Responsibility can come fast and your problem-solving skills will get put to work quickly in corporate finance jobs. The job of the financial officer is to create value for a company. For example, the finance group at American Electric Power of Columbus, Ohio has four main areas of concentration: liquidity, flexibility, compliance with laws and regulatory support. AEP's Finance Department carries out four main activities to meet its objectives: 1 designing, implementing and monitoring financial policies, 2 planning and executing the financing program, 3 managing cash resources, and 4 interfacing with the financial community and investors.


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