Parts of a video camera

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Features and Parts of a Digital Camera

parts of a video camera

Sony HVR-Z7P Video Camera - An Overview

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What do you need? What do different terms mean? Here are the top five features that no camcorder should be without. As technology progresses, tech gets smaller and cheaper and camcorders are no exception. When battling on price point trying to make the cheapest possible product manufacturers start looking at where they can cut costs. With camcorders, this lead to viewfinders no longer included and relying on LCD screens instead. LCDs are great, but they have serious limitations.

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[Lesson 2] Knowing the Different Parts of the Camera

But do you know what the different parts of a camera does? The sheer number of dials and settings can seem overwhelming for newbie photographers. But whilst there are all these options, dials and buttons, anyone can learn what the main parts of the camera are and what they do. So here is our quick guide to different parts of a camera. The viewfinder is a small window on the back of the camera that allows you to look through and compose your image.

The camera body is a light proof box. The controls for exposure settings and other effects are located on the camera body. Depending on the type of camera, the camera lens may be permanently attached to the camera, fixed lens or removable. The amount of time the light is exposed to the image sensor is determined by which shutter speed is being used. Next, some of the parts of a camera and their functions are explained individually. The camera lens consists of one or more precisely shaped pieces of glass or plastic called elements. The light coming through the elements is "bent" or directed to the image sensor where the information about the light is captured The camera lens is an extremely important part of the camera.



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  1. Video cameras can vary from Web cams for computers to small hand-held camcorders used in film and television, but they all share a number of important parts.

  2. When looking for a camcorder, it's easy to get lost in a flood of features. What do you need? What do different terms mean? And is a given feature relevant to.

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