Ca marche maitre gims

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Maitre gims music

ca marche maitre gims

[CHIPMUNKS] Maitre Gims feat. The Shin Sekai - Ca marche

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He started his professional music career as part of Parisian rap ensemble Sexion d'Assaut. Login Save and share your playlist with your friends when you log in. Create account Make and save your favorite music on your Music Folder. J'me Tire. One Shot. Est-ce que tu m'aimes?

Ca marche (English translation)

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Maitre Gims - Ca Marche

Complete the lyrics by typing the missing words or selecting the right option. If the video stops your life will go down, when your life runs out the game ends. To listen to a line again, press the button or the "backspace" key. You can also drag to the left over the lyrics. To skip a word, press the button or the "tab" key.

Maitre Gims feat. The Shin Sekai Ca marche

Cookies help us deliver our services. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. Learn more. CareerGandhi Djuna, born in Zaire with his brother , immigrated to France when he was just two years old. Growing up in the 3rd arrondissement of Paris, he later moved to the 9e arrondissement and eventually the 19e arrondissement. Taking the name of Gims, he rapped at college with his friends of Sexion d'Assaut while studying communication and graphical arts.


Translation of 'Ca marche' by Gims (Gandhi Djuna, Maitre Gims) from French to English.
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