3d print klein bottle

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Dizingof’s Random Infinite Pattern and Klein Bottle Highlight 3D Printing’s Creative Explosion

3d print klein bottle

3D Printed Klein Bottle

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This Instructable guides you through a quick design process for 3D printing using 3D Creation Systems. Did you use this instructable in your classroom? Add a Teacher Note to share how you incorporated it into your lesson. Decide what you want to 3D print. A Klein bottle is an example of a non-orientable surface. It is technically impossible in real space, so this Klein Vase model is just a representation of it. Instead of the standard Klein bottle shape, I wanted to do something more unique.

I'd like to print a klein bottle on the school's new 3d printer. I know what I'd like it to look like, but is it too complicated for a beginner to do using 3D Builder? Advice or suggestions appreciated. This thread is locked. You can follow the question or vote as helpful, but you cannot reply to this thread. For you to know more about how you can use a 3D builder to create 3D models, you may refer to the article below:.

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In mathematics, the Klein bottle is an example of a non-orientable surface; it is a two-dimensional manifold against which a system for determining a normal vector cannot be consistently defined. It was first described in by the German mathematician Felix Klein. Informally, it is a one-sided surface which, if traveled upon, could be followed back to the point of origin while flipping the traveler upside down. The intersection between the returning neck and the base see image is a four dimensional crossing 4th spatial dimension, not time , i. Of course, in order to design and print a solid model of a Klein bottle we have to make it either exist or not exist.

Starting from a common visualization of a Klein bottle - turned upside down - it's possible to see how the surfaces can be deformed to make a mug one can actually drink from - even though you'd really be drinking from the "outside" surface of the object. But, for a Klein bottle, there is only one surface anyway - "outside" and "inside" are really the same! Follow through the hollow handle to the "inside". If you have very good bridging with your printer, these models can be printed in one piece. Personally, I didn't have the nerve to do that, so I separated each one into bottom and top chambers that can be separately printed and glued together. There's an advantage to two sections. For the "equal chambers" model, you can add potpourri to the bottom before gluing, allowing for a treat for both the sense of taste and that of smell, as the scent travels out through the hollow handle.

Our task this week was to 3D print an impossible object, or something that would be hard to manufacture by conventional methods. Looking through Thingiverse, I decided to print a Klein bottle , which is a non-orientable 2D surface think like a Mobius strip, but in a higher dimension. Here is what is looks like in Wikipedia, and the model I chose from Thingiverse. Technically, the pure form of a Klein bottle exists in 4D, so this is merely the 3-dimensional projection of the surface. If you want to read more about that, read the Wiki page.

3D printed Klein bottle

3D printed Klein bottle

Total Items: Subtotal:. The Klein Bottle is a mathematical joke: a surface with only one side. This one opens bottles with ease and style. Built to last in steel, with a design that fits just right in your hand, it's the perfect finishing touch for any math fan's kitchen. I'm a sculptor of symmetrical and biomorphic shapes My career has led through a math degree, art school for traditional metalworking, multitasking between sculpture and my day job in software, then the sudden moment in the late 90's when 3D printing arrived, and sculpture and software became one and the same.


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