Roth steyr m1907 pistol

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Roth Steyr M1907 Austro Hungarian Military Pistol #26200

roth steyr m1907 pistol

The Roth–Steyr M, or, more accurately Roth-Krnka M.7 was a semi- automatic pistol issued to the Austro-Hungarian kaiserliche und konigliche Armee.

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Roth-Steyr Model self-loading pistol , right side. The thin tail of the striker, which extends out of the rear of the bolt, means that the gun is half-cocked and ready to be fired. Roth-Steyr Model self-loading pistol; bolt is locked back, and a loaded clip is inserted into the gun, ready to load the magazine. Video courtesy of TheFirearmBlog. In this particular case, it was the cavalry of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. This pistol was manufactured between and , and some 90 Roth-Steyr M. The barrel has two sets of radial lugs, each consisting of two lugs.

Credit: Left side view of the Roth-Steyr Model self-loading pistol. Action: Self-Loading Caliber s : 8x Muzzle Velocity: 1, feet-per-second meters-per-second. Operators: Austria-Hungary; Kingdom of Italy. The M07 made use of the 8x

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It was the first adoption of semi-automatic service pistol by the land army of a major power. The Roth—Steyr pistol fires from an unusual style of locked breech. The bolt is very long. Its rear end is solid, except for a sleeve for the striker, but its front part is hollow and fits tightly over the barrel. The interior of the bolt has cam grooves cut into it, and the barrel has studs which fit into the grooves.

The Roth-Steyr: An Austrian Striker-Fired Handgun Before It Was Cool (Friday Field Strip)

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