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son of a gun streaming

Gritty, stylish, and smart, Son of a Gun serves up plenty of genre thrills while offering a refreshing change of pace for On Disc/Streaming.

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Confined to a tiny prison facility somewhere in the south of Australia, alpha male and de facto jail boss Lynch takes an interest in the boy after he brazenly offers him chess advice, which the older man mistakenly views as a cheeky bit of chutzpah. The problem is that while Son of a Gun quickly ceases to be a prison movie, it never settles firmly on anything else, skipping fecklessly from one genre to another. Dropping the jailhouse location for a world of gangsters and thieves, it briefly morphs into a mystery, a heist flick, a revenge yarn and so on. Itinerantly cycling through a sequence of recognizable modes, Son of a Gun itself seems cast from a familiar mold, one which identifies a recent trend in mid-tier moviemaking. A string of shorts already under his belt, first-time Aussie director Avery has his first real shot at the spotlight here, further blessed with the presence of a major star looking to burnish his serious-actor credentials.

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Synopsis During a six-month stint inside a West Australian prison, rookie criminal JR (BRENTON THWAITES) meets the smart and enigmatic Brendan Lynch.
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Ratings Info very strong language, strong bloody violence, sex, drug use. Genre s Crime, Thriller. Director s Julius Avery. SON OF A GUN is an Australian thriller about a young offender who struggles to escape from a life of crime when he becomes indebted to a violent and treacherous criminal. There is strong violence during gun battles and occasional fist fights, as well as a sequence in which a woman is briefly beaten and choked by a man.

Son of a Gun

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