Uber hair color remover

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Hair Colour Remover

uber hair color remover

HOW IT WORKS This remover shrinks the artificial dye molecules found in hair colourants to a size small enough to simply be washed away. KIND & GENTLE It .

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Effective in removing colour build up and semi-permanent col You need to log in or register in order to do this. JavaScript is disabled. Please enable JavaScript to use the full functionality of the website. This product may not be available anymore.

Ever had a bad hair day? It can certainly ruin the way you look! Imagine walking into a salon for a new hairdo and an all new colour, only to get home, wash your hair and realize your hair is a pot of green! Now that can make you a laughing stock indeed. It goes without saying that we opt for a makeover only to look more glamorous, but a wrong choice can leave you with an awkward style that can also be rather embarrassing.

Convenient and effective way to remove unwanted hair colour. It removes colour build up and reverses undesirable, permanent and semi-permanent hair colour without ammonia or bleach. Once the dye has been reduced to its intermediates and due to their smaller size; they are released and rinsed from the hair. One of the biggest problems normally associated with this type of product is if the remaining molecules are not rinsed thoroughly and their action neutralised correctly they may re-oxidise and turn darker when the next colour is applied. Uber Hair Colour Remover Part 3 buffer has a unique cleansing system. This will remove the free intermediates and avoid darkening when re-colouration is carried out.

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Uber Hair Colour Remover - Retail Kit

By the sounds your hair has had a bit of a mission, so the advise I give is with misgiving because it could mean the condition of your locks being compromised. If you want to start again, use a colour remover then an auburn dye, rather than a brown based, chose a red based. I really hope it works.

10 Best Hair Colour Removers for 2019 Available in India

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How it works Uber hair colour remover shrinks the artificial dye molecule to a size that enables it to be rinsed away. It does not remove non-oxidising colours.
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  1. HAIR COLOUR REMOVER; This remover shrinks the artificial dye molecules found in hair colourants to a size small enough to simply be washed away.

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