How to make dome gopro

Make a Gopro Dome Port for Less Than 1$

how to make dome gopro

Make a Gopro Dome Port for Less Than 1$: What is up everybody, In this quick tutorial I am gonna show you how to make a cheap and easy to use go pro.

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Shooting with the FiftyFifty does require some practice and knowledge, so below you will find some of our expert tips on how to capture epic over under shots. The FiftyFifty is designed to be very user friendly and easy to operate. Before going on your next epic shoot day, get acquainted with your Hero5 Dome and get comfortable with how all the parts work. There is a black outer trim ring that you loosen to remove the Dome Lens. This is a great way to clean the inside of the lens, or also clear any moisture. If you remove this ring, make sure you install it back on tightly for a good seal.

Ignore the excess tape on the photo please [LOL]. Using your scissors [or any cutting material], cut the upper-mid area of the balloon and the thick part where we blow air into it.
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Ask About this Product. This is our new V3. It comes ready to go with our modified removable SS Dive Housing. We have added all the features needed to create an unrivalled Dome System that is affordable and easy to use while offering industry-leading optics. This spacing also improves water shots above the water: water spray or droplets that would have covered most of the lens ruining the shot or video are now just small dots in the field of view. The gap between the lens and dome move water particles further away from the camera lens, enabling underwater images to become cleaner.

If you want to get those epic shots over and under the water, then you need a GoPro Dome! To make sure you get the GoPro dome that will take the photos that will make your friends jealous make sure to get the best GoPro Dome for your model of camera, our favorites are below. So if you are looking for the best dome for the money this is what you need. With these GoPros a quality dome is even more important because they are not waterproof without the super suit. Do Not buy a cheap dome if you are using a Hero 3 or 4 they will leak and they will kill your GoPro. There are many GoPro Domes on the market many of them look almost identical, some competitors are even made by the same factories. The only three things that really matter are the compatibility, quality of the GoPro Dome, and how easy it is to use underwater.

Now you can mount a stick on it aswell. Now the Problem off course is the Botton for on and off. I used an acrylic dome the bottom of a bucket as a plate a glue gun and a party baloon. So here my next shot with good weather but dirty water. Have recognized that the balloon Is Starting to loos its form after 3 times in water and soon some water might get through?! Your email address will not be published.

Ian Matskos DIY GoPro Dome Port

3 Things You Should Know Before Buying a GoPro Dome

If you are on the hunt for the best GoPro Dome to take some crazy awesome over-under water shots, you have come to the right place. We have personally gone through the process of buying a GoPro Dome and it took a lot of work and research. We have cut down all that work for you and are going to lay down all of the best GoPro Dome ports for all budgets. There are a variety of GoPro Domes to choose from depending on how much you will use them, your budget, and what you are looking to accomplish. Over-water underwater shots are some of the coolest types of photography and video you can do and if you are looking for something super awesome to add to your bag of tricks, investing in a GoPro Dome is a great idea!



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