Youtube video isis iraq

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youtube video isis iraq

1 day ago Thousands of foreigners answered ISIS’s call to fight in Syria and Iraq, traveling from countries around the world including the United States. VICE News follows the journey of an American father searching for his missing children in the hands of ISIS. The search reveals that.

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ISIS has been battling pro- and anti-regime factions in Syria for months, gaining significant ground in the north of the country. The group, an al Qaeda affiliate, launched in Iraq about a decade ago to oppose the U. In , an offshoot began fighting in Syria, and last year it began to supersede homegrown rebels seeking to depose Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. In just a short time, ISIS has changed the fight in Syria from an uprising fermented by domestic grievances against Assad's brutal rule into a proxy battle for competing sectarian and regional interests. Last week, the group turned its attention again to Iraq, particularly Fallujah in Anbar province, the center of the bloody Sunni insurgency against U. ISIS also feeds off domestic grievances brewing in the region's political vacuums.

Usually advertisers are happy to get their product seen by as many eyeballs as possible. Not so in the case of spots running before certain YouTube videos. Several major U. The issue came to light in press reports last week. Since then, Google-owned YouTube has been busy removing the ads, and in many cases the videos themselves due to policy violations. Some of the ads were playing before the videos as late as Tuesday morning before the content was taken down.

It sounds simple enough: Google's subsidiary YouTube should take down videos from extremist groups such as the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant Isis , and Twitter should block hashtags and accounts instigated by the same groups. In both cases such speech is an incitement to violence, and hence illegal under British law. Having started as places for people to upload dating videos YouTube or let friends know what they are doing Twitter , both networks have been thrown into the complex world of geopolitics, mixed with arguments over freedom of speech. The fact that Isis fighters and would-be jihadists are digital natives who have grown up with cameraphones and internet access means that social networks are the first, rather than the last, place they look to spread their message. Google and Twitter are happy to comply with the law. Their problem, though, is that their systems are not set up to stop those videos, hashtags and accounts getting online — so taking them offline has become a game of "whack-a-mole", where no sooner have they been removed from one part of the site than they pop up at others. The latter is the outcome of the "Streisand effect", named after the US singer and actor Barbra Streisand who tried to suppress photographs of her beachfront home being posted on the internet.

Iraq's Post-ISIS Campaign of Revenge | The Backstory | The New Yorker the corruption and cruelty of Iraq's response to suspected jihadis and their families, Video of officer-involved shooting released (WARNING: May be.
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The group sophisticatedly utilizes social media as a tool to spread terror around the world in addition to international recruitment efforts. The Islamic State is widely known for its posting of disturbing contents such as beheading videos on the internet. The Islamic State creates its own online content such as videos, magazines like Dabiq , and flyers. This propaganda is disseminated through websites and many social media platforms such as Twitter , Facebook , Telegram , and YouTube. By utilizing social media , the organization has garnered a strong following and successfully recruited thousands of followers.

Islamic State militants appear to have executed scores of captured Syrian soldiers, according to video footage posted on YouTube. A statement posted online and circulated on Twitter by supporters of Isis claimed the extremists killed "about " government prisoners captured near the Tabqa air base. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said the soldiers were captured when they attempted to flee the fallen air base in Raqqa. They put the death toll at Footage begins by showing dozens of men being marched through the desert with their hands behind their heads. A fighter repeatedly shouts out "Islamic State", to which the men reply "It shall remain".


Gruesome ISIS Video On YouTube ‘Celebrates’ Nice Attack


Brutal fighting between the Iraqi Army and ISIS continues on the streets of Mosul. ISIS is being forced to give way, but the price is high.
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