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ben platt book of mormon

Ben Platt Sings Tomorrow Is A Latter Day But (well, There’s No Buts, Literally Just That)

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Not two weeks later, he landed an audition, and within a month of his lucky lotto win, Rouleau was backstage rehearsing as a standby for leading Mormon missionary Elder Price. To say it was nuts is just the biggest understatement. Not since Wicked have two leading roles in a Broadway show been so sought after, nor so inextricably linked to the actors who created them. The budding friendship between the two characters is the star centerpiece to the well-oiled machine that is The Book of Mormon , the irreverent nine-time Tony Award winner written by South Park duo Trey Parker and Matt Stone and Frozen composer Bobby Lopez that has raised the bar for musical comedy for the next, oh, century. No idea if I was in the right place, if I sang the right notes, if I said the right lines.

By Joel Lovell. His eyes were puffy and red. He sat shirtless in front of his mirror, against which leaned a framed photograph of Judy Garland, and removed his makeup. There were four perfectly round bruises on his back from his regular cupping sessions, among the therapies he employs to keep himself healthy enough to go onstage eight times a week and perform a role that ranks with Hedwig and Jean Valjean in its physical and emotional demands. He pulled on a T-shirt and jacket, and now that he was dressed gave me a hug hello.

Bearded and dressed in lumberjack chic — plaid shirt, fleece-lined denim jacket — he appears unflustered, a departure from his perma-agitated characters: Benji in the Pitch Perfect movies, Elder Cunningham in The Book of Mormon and Evan in Dear Evan Hansen, both on Broadway. Platt recently released Sing to Me Instead , his first studio album and a chance to put himself out there. Atlantic Records had approached him while he was making the Dear Evan Hansen original cast recording and asked him if he wanted to do a pop record. He did, and after months of messing around at the piano and finding a few sympathetic co-writers, he delivered 45 minutes of tear-jerking original ballads. How personal is it? Being himself means describing relationships with men, though it would be wrong to call it a coming out album. Platt has always been very good at fear, awkwardness, angst and just a little self-loathing.

Meet the new 'Book of Mormon' boys: Ben Platt and Nic Rouleau

Sammy Caiola , Reporter April 10, On their way, they get into hilariously inappropriate situations that ultimately teach them about friendship and acceptance., Benjamin Schiff Platt born September 24, [1] is an American actor, singer and songwriter. He began his career in theater as a child and has appeared in Broadway productions of The Music Man , The Book of Mormon — , and Dear Evan Hansen — , receiving multiple accolades for his performance as the title character in the latter, including the Tony Award for Best Actor in a Musical.

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At 9 years old, Platt played Winthrop Paroo in The Music Man at the Hollywood Bowl.
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