Pineapple chunk barneys farm

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Pineapple Chunk

pineapple chunk barneys farm

PINEAPPLE CHUNK™ Feminised Cannabis Seeds from the official website of BARNEYS FARM®. International shipping available and seeds for free with every .

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With heavy yields of rock-hard, rounded buds that glisten with resin and possess a deeply sweet, fruity and intoxicating aroma , Pineapple Chunk will not disappoint either growers or smokers. The mouth-watering mix of tropical fruit and skunky flavours makes smoking this strain a real pleasure, and it's pleasantly powerful high will leave you happy and physically relaxed but still semi-functional, without an overwhelmingly strong couch-lock effect. Pineapple Chunk is a vigorous hybrid, growing quickly into a compact, medium height plants with thick stalks and plenty of strong side branches. The large, wide leaves are dark green, turning deep shades of magenta, purple and almost black with low temperatures at the end of flowering. It's a very easy plant to cultivate in organic , hydro or aeroponics and gives impressively high yields indoors , particularly in SOG Sea of Green setups.

Pineapple Chunk is an indica strain of cannabis that was created by crossbreeding the parent strains Pineapple, Skunk 1 and Cheese. This indica power house is extremely high in THC and is ideal for a hardcore and mind blowing recreational high. This strain has the ability to make any blunt or bong one that might just put you out for a nap. Living up to its potent reputation, Pineapple Chunk won the High Times Cannabis Cup and in doing so etched its name into the cannabis history books. This strain is best smoked when sat comfortably in a room with no plans that involve movement and activity. When toking a joint rolled using Pineapple Chunk smokers usually feel an extremely relaxing and euphoric sensation.

The result is an extremely vigorous and stable plant. Mould and disease resistant. The taste is delicious and unique. Earthy flavours are underpinned by the strong appetizing Pineapple aftershock. Exclusive access for adults only Content for people of 18 years of age or older, entering barneysfarm.

Barney's Farm. Pineapple Chunk cannabis seeds by Barney's Farm belong to a feminized Indica-dominant strain that derives from the cross of a Pineapple, a Cheese and a Skunk 1. The result is a vigorous, compact, easy-to-grow and fast-flowering plant that is famous for its excellent organoleptic qualities. Pineapple Chunk grows in a small marijuana plant with mid-sized leaves and numerous branches where there are plenty of large and dense buds overflowing with resin. Resistant to moisture and plagues, Pineapple Chunk performs well indoors but it thrives when grown outdoors as within just 55 days, it is ready for harvest.


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