Testo piccolo grande amore

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testo piccolo grande amore

Claudio Baglioni - Questo Piccolo Grande Amore [lyrics]

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Testo Y Tu Fuck all y'all, fuck all y'all, fuck all y'all I don't need nobody Fuck 'em, fuck all y'all Money gone fuck friends, I need a homie that know me When all these muthafuckin' cops be on me I got problems ain't nobody callin' back Now, what the fuck is happenin' with my ballin' cats? Remember me, I'm ya homie that was down to brawl Sippin' Hennessey hangin' with the clowns and all We used to do is drink brew, screw and common knew We had bitches by the dozens oh, we fuckin' cousins You can throw ya middle finger if ya feel me loc A nigga just got paid and we still was broke It took time but finally the cash was mine All the rewards of a hustler stuck in the grind Look around and all I see is snakes and faces Like scavengers waitin' to take a hustler's pape's And when you stuck where the fuck is all ya friends? They straight busted and can't be trusted fuck y'all Fuck all y'all, fuck all y'all I'm sippin' Tanqueray and juice and what's the use? It's gettin' rough collect calls from my niggas in court I recollect we used to ball now just livin's enough I stand tall in the winter summer spring or fall Thug for life scrawled all across the wall And all about my dollars make me wanna holla. Tracking list e i testi dell'album: Sabado por la Tarde Y Tu Tutti i testi di Claudio Baglioni.

Testo Paradise powered by Musixmatch. Home Sandy Lee Testo Paradise. Paradise testo. Could it be the little things you do to me Feelings that I'm feeling are so new to me I'm going through so many changes Nothing ever felt as strange As how my heart goes crazy when you look at me When I'm with you it's paradise No place on earth could feel so nice Through the crystal waterfall I hear you call Just take my hand it's paradise You kiss me once, I'll kiss you twice As I gaze into your eyes, I realize it's paradise Ooh yeah Now I know the sweetest dreams can all come true 'Cuz I found heaven here on earth when I found you It's nothing I can ever make up, oh I hope I never wake up Just to find this isn't true reality When I'm with you, it's paradise No place on earth could feel so nice Through the crystal waterfall I hear you call. Writer s : brown, russel, dyamond Testo Paradise powered by Musixmatch. Melodie d'Amore Data di pubblicazione: 7 settembre

Translation of 'Questo piccolo grande amore' by Claudio Baglioni from Italian to English (Version #2).
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Links www. Ha venduto oltre 55 milioni di dischi nel mondo. Claudio Baglioni all'anagrafe Claudio Enrico Paolo nasce a Roma il 16 maggio nella clinica Villa Bianca, figlio unico di Riccardo Baglioni, ex contadino poi sottufficiale dei Carabinieri e di Silvia Saleppico, sarta. Trascorre l'infanzia nel quartiere di Monte Sacro e l'adolescenza in quello di Centocelle, frequentando spesso d'estate le campagne dell'Umbria, terra natale dei suoi genitori, dove possiede casa e terreni ereditati dai nonni paterni, e nel reatino nel comune di Posta [2] , dove il padre temporaneamente prestava servizio in caserma. Il suo look di quegli anni maglioni neri a collo alto, occhiali spessi, aria da intellettuale e testi ispirati a Edgar Allan Poe , gli causa da parte degli amici di quartiere il soprannome di "Agonia". Scrive poi il testo e compone anche Signora Lia.

Discorsi senza senso o inopportuni, contenuti per adulti, spam, insulti ad altri iscritti, visualizza altro. Yahoo Italia Answers. Info su. Musica e intrattenimento Musica Testi. Piccolo grande amore baglioni inglese?

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Another classic that everyone knows, perhaps the most famous from pop star Claudio Baglione. I have changed his translation a bit his version was more poetic, but I do these song translations quite literally, to better help people learning Italian. A commenter has supplied some alternative, slightly spicier lyrics.

Questo piccolo grande amore (English translation)



Learn Italian in Song: Questo Piccolo Grande Amore





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