Moto guzzi v11 sport

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The Moto Guzzi V11 Sport by Moto Studio

moto guzzi v11 sport

Moto Guzzi V11 exhaust sound and acceleration

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For this Moto Guzzi V11 Sport, the first step of the transformation process involved the removal of any unnecessary parts. The fuel injection, fuel pump, ECU and stock wiring were the first to go, reducing the overall weight by 25 lbs. Other upgrades include a steel gas tank from a Guzzi Sport, a Hella rally car headlight, and a main LED light. Various parts are designed and handmade by the Moto Studio team, from the carbon fiber seat cowl, sub frame, and front fender mount, to the fender and reverse cone mufflers or the headlight and shock canister mounts. The result is a bike that has lost over 40 lbs and gained an even more stylish and fierce appearance, as well as superior performance. Photography by Peter Harholdt.

So here I am, after all these years, astride a Moto Guzzi for the first time. I'm a Guzzi virgin, so I hope she'll treat me gently The 'she' in question is a V11 Sport Naked, not the half faired Le Mans version which is just a namesake of the original that first did it for me but she's still got a real aggressive look about her. I blip the throttle and I'm momentarily confused. A sudden dip to the right with the torque reaction tells me that I've got to remember that this machine is very different to the in-line vees I've raced before. On the go, and I'm surprised at just how much power this thing has, is it really just 91bhp?

Custom Moto Guzzi V11 Sport

Moto Guzzi V11 Le Mans Rosso Corsa vs Aprilia RSV Factory

I kept it stock for about 10, miles. I tricked it out in a couple of months over the winter. Rear rim is from a Le Mans 1 inch wider then stock.

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The same guy that had an old Triumph Bonnie. The same guy that spent half the weekend tinkering on the bike, before donning his sheepskin bomber jacket, half helmet and goggles, and thumping off down the road in quest of that twisty English country lane and a good pub for lunch. I never quite got my head around why somebody would opt to spend more, for something less reliable, when they could just pick up a Japanese bike for considerably cheaper and ride for both days of the weekend. So when Pat Doyle of Bavarian Motosports Woodbridge, Ontario offered to loan us one of their V11 Sports, images of sheepskin jackets, half helmets and silly goggles came flooding back, and my chance to prod into the Guzzi mystique had finally arrived. The cc motor uses push-rods, has only 2 valves per cylinder and is air-cooled, albeit with a bit of help from a small oil cooler up front.

The V11 was a welcome return to form for the styling crew at Moto Guzzi, who took their old V7 sport model as inspiration for this lovely looking retro machine. With a blend of traditional red and green paintwork on its stubby body parts, the V11 looks like a proper motorbike from the s. Twin Brembos upfront provide excellent stopping power and the suspension is set up much sportier than most retro class bikes. In a word, the V11 is cool. A group of unfaired bikes with big, transverse V-twin engines and lurid lime-green paintwork throbbed out of the car-park opposite the yellow-walled factory, trickled through the village of Mandello del Lario, then barrelled down the dual-carriageway that runs alongside Lake Lecco in northern Italy. Twenty-eight years ago the bikes would have been the V7 Sport one of the fastest and most exotic machines on the road, and the original sporty Guzzi from which V-twins from the Le Mans to the current Sport have been developed.

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