Palermo palazzo dei normanni

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The Norman Palace in Palermo (Palazzo Reale / Palazzo dei normanni) - a UNESCO World Heritage Site

palermo palazzo dei normanni

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About our rating system. The cultural influences of Sicily collide in this palace that dates back to the 8th century b. In the 9th century a. Arab—Norman cultural influences intersect most spectacularly in the Cappella Palatina, covered in glittering Byzantine mosaics from to and finished in time for the coronation of Roger II, who proved to be not only the most powerful of European kings but also the most enlightened. High in the cupola at the end of the apse and in the cupola is Christ Pantocrator as usual in this iconic image, he holds the New Testament in his left hand and makes the gesture of blessing with his right hand. He is surrounded by saints and biblical characters, some interpreted a little less piously than usual—Adam and Eve happily munch on the forbidden fruit, and rather than showing any hesitation in their act of defiance they are greedily reaching for a second piece.

Royal apartments were closed so disappointed. I prefer to wander through such places instead of shuffling through exhibitions about them, regardless of the background they provide. If you go, beware that this place charges you extra tickets for every little thing. The chapel which was magnificent and worthwhile and royal apartment is one ticket. The special collection is one ticket. Garden not so interesting.

The Palazzo dei Normanni (Palace of the Normans) or Royal Palace of Palermo is a palace in Palermo, Italy. It was the seat of the Kings of Sicily during the.
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Thus, the construction you can admire today is for the most part the result of work carried out on the orders of the Norman, Roger II. After he became king of Sicily in , he transferred his Read More. After you cross the monumental courtyard with its three light, airy loggias, built in the 17th century under the Viceroy Maqueda, and take the monumental staircase up to the loggia on the first floor, On the wall at the entrance, on a raised base with five steps,

Posted by buonaluna Surronding No Comments. It was the seat of the Kings of Sicily during the Norman domination and served afterwards as the main seat of power for the subsequent rulers of Sicily. History The palace stands in what is the highest point of the ancient centre of the city, just above the first Punic settlements, whose remains can still be found in the basement. The first building, the al-Qasr in Arabic, castle or palace is believed to have been started in the 9th century by the Emir of Palermo. Parts of this early building are still visible in the foundations and in the basements, where typical Arabian vaults are present. After the Normans conquered Sicily in just 6 years after they conquered England and established Palermo as the capital of the new Kingdom of Sicily, the palace was chosen as the main residence of the kings.

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