Il numero del telefono azzurro

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Italian You Wont Learn in Class: Colorful Expressions

il numero del telefono azzurro

Poiche questi numeri sono in genere assegnati a blocchi in base al paese, un indirizzo IP puo essere utilizzato spesso per identificare il paese, la provincia e la .

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Ernesto Caffo was associate professor of Child Neuropsychiatry at the University of Modena when he firstly set up the association. Since its inception, the mission has been to give children the possibility to speak and to be heard. In , the first toll-free telephone helpline for children 1. It currently also takes calls from adults who want to report on missing or exploited children. Likewise, the association progressed as information technology evolved. These interventions include the project Tetti Azzurri, which offers facilities to abused children in Rome and Treviso but also emergency, research, and training teams, and international collaboration initiatives using new technologies such as the Internet and social media.

As part of a continuing series on Italian you may not learn in class, Valeria Biancalani, an Italian teacher and the founder of Parlando Italiano , has written this guest post. Let's learn about them together:. In Italian the colors pink rosa and yellow giallo can be used to talk about different genres of literature. Example: Ultimamente i miei gusti letterari sono cambiati. Prima adoravo i romanzi rosa, adesso, invece, preferisco i gialli Lately my literary tastes have changed. I used to love romantic novels but now I prefer crime novels. These two expressions are used to refer to our view of life.

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There are approximately thousand children and adolescents in our country that suffer violence and physical, psychological and sexual abuse every year, but only a few cases come to light. Menarini launches a network of pediatricians against child abuse, the first in the world. Similarly to other countries, the abuse and ill treatment of minors in Italy is a phenomenon that is becoming more widespread and is continually on the increase, exacerbated by the risks associated with the new technologies and the economic crisis that places a higher number of family units under threat. Florence, Wednesday 11 May - Those who steal these children's innocence are almost always those who are closest and most loved, especially mum and dad, but also relations, close friends, nursery school teachers or neighbours, as we have tragically seen from recent news events. The economic crisis, families going through difficulties, and conflict between parents and in society substantially raise the risk of ill treatment and abuse: there are around thousand children and adolescents every year who are victims of violence, but it is a classic case of only being able to see the tip of the iceberg. These are the results of a recent survey conducted by Telefono Azzurro and Doxa Kids, according to which one child in three fears that their right to being protected from violence and abuse is not been adequately defended.


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  1. By Italian Presidential Decree of 18 December , Telefono Azzurro . You can make a bank transfer to an account held in the SOS Il Telefono Azzurro, at.

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