Fiera del fumetto verona

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fiera del fumetto verona

2/3 MARZO - Veronafiere - Viale del Lavoro 8 - Verona . sui palchi di molte fiere comics (Lucca Comics, La Sagra Dei Fumetti, Cartoomics, Lucca Comics.


Verona city portal. Saint Lucy. On the night between the 12th and the 13th December, before going to bed every child will place a bowl of water and a carrot for the donkey together with a little letter containing the list of all the toys and things they desire. If they have been good, then Santa Lucia will bring them their presents, otherwise they will just get a piece of black coal. This image has now become the symbol of Christmas in Verona.

Fiera di Verona chose GMP, the renowned Hamburg-based group, leader in international fair design projects completed include the Rimini, Hannover and Leipzig fairs to give a fresher look to the Fair, and soon make it one of the most modern exhibition centres in Europe. The first section of this ambitious project was completed in April , just in time for the Vinitaly show. Two new 20, m2 pavilions were inaugurated on this occasion, which add to the previous ten.
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From day:. Children ages:. The Fiera di Verona starts with the Fieracavalli The appointment immediately reached a large echo, so as to be attended by eminent personalities like the Prince Umberto of Savoy, Vittorio Emanuele III. Another historic event, which has pulled the show in Verona, was the first Congress Automobile Club of Italy in which he participated Giovanni Alberto Agnelli, in In she joined the Cup Verona that saw the participation and the victory of the myth Tazio Nuvolari. Year after year, it consolidates the success of the fair.

ComicsFest - Verona (Ex-Sagra dei Fumetti)

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