Most collectible hot wheels

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10 Most Expensive Hot Wheels

most collectible hot wheels

Top 10 Most Valuable Collectible Toys

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Growing up in the 80s, I was in Hot Wheels heaven. Next to baseball cards and comic books, I easily had hundreds of them. But like most kids, I never understood the value of my collection. Those who were smart, however, kept their collection pieces separate from the 99 cent cars that are still worth only a few bucks today. Hot Wheels first began in through the toy company Mattel.

Many collectors agree that this is the first Hot Wheel car ever made, which makes it one of the most expensive Hot Wheels on the market.
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While many of these Hot Wheels represent the most popular and common editions in the brand's history, many of the variations possess distinctive traits, such as unique color schemes and graphics or mislabeled bases. Others were simply produced in low volumes or are prototypes that somehow escaped the confines of Mattel's HQ. As with any collectible market, values for these toys are subject to change the prices shown here are estimates , and, as the axiom goes, the true monetary value of any collectible is exactly the amount someone will pay for it. But don't let all this talk about money and speculation bring you down; click through and check out some of the coolest and rarest Hot Wheels to date. Designed by Larry Wood, the Superfine Turbine was one of three new castings released in It was reissued in First issued in , Rodger Dodgers with a black interior are relatively common; those with the white-colored interior are rare, as pictured here, and are the ones that collectors desire.

In List Articles. Once upon a time, we all dumped out our Hot Wheels onto the floor and spent time mercilessly crashing them into one another. Every time we see one, it brings us back to our childhood and creates warm feelings inside. You know what else would create those feelings? Finding out that one we own was a collector worth a lot of money. Not all of them have value other than our fond memories , but if you find a rare one, it just might be one of the most expensive Hot Wheels in the world.

In that first year, Mattel zoomed onto the die-cast toy scene, releasing 16 colorful, tricked-out models inspired by custom-built rods and high-performance muscle cars—on the whole, much flashier and fresher feeling than models put out by Brit-based die-cast competitors Matchbox, Corgi and Dinky. Of course, condition has a lot to do with how much any vintage die-cast car will fetch. Serious Hot Wheels collectors seek mint-condition toys, with little to no sign of use, preferably in their original paperboard-and-plastic blister pack. Even rarer: finding an original model in its blister pack. The same holds true for the other early years of the brand. When it comes to mass-produced toys, variations make all the difference. When something changes early on in the production process—such as the name or a key aspect of the physical design—the less-produced variant immediately takes on value.

Rare Hot Wheels, Matchbox car: What they're worth now

Hot Wheels Celebrates 50 Years. For more than five decades, Hot Wheels has provided adrenaline-fueled vehicle play that ignites the challenger spirit in every kid with the most outrageous and innovative cars and track systems.


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