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area international popular group

Area - International POPular Group, most commonly known as Area or AreA, is an Italian progressive rock, jazz fusion, electronic, experimental group formed in .

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They are considered one of the most respected, innovative and important bands of the blooming s Italian progressive rock scene. Area were formed in Milan in In , Lambizzi left the band and was replaced by Paolo Tofani guitar and synthesizer. That year, they recorded their first studio album Arbeit macht frei "Work Brings Freedom" , taken from the inscription that was found on the gate at the entrance to Auschwitz Nazi concentration camp. Area went on tour in Chile and, representing Italy, took part in the eighth Biennale de Paris. The band soon grew to prominence because the youth of the time were able to identify with Area's socialist lyrics, and the band was founded on a strong and virtuoso musicianship. In , Eddie Busnello and Patrick Djivas left the band.

This is a classic, the epitome of the band's early Daevid Allen phase with Ph. In it Area's uncompromising blend of jazz-rock, ethnic folk, experimentation, and political philosophies made them a unique presence in Italy during the s. Fronting the band's musical fusion was singer Demetrio Stratos, who embellished his own operatic technique with yodels and growls. Stratos died in , and the remaining members disbanded after releasing one instrumental album. The band was formed in by various musicians who had experience in pop, avant-garde, and jazz groups. Manager Gianni Sassi signed the group to the independent Cramps label, and their debut, Arbeit Macht Frei, was released in


Area (band)


Area were in fact an "international popular group", as the cover of their first album says, with greek singer Demetrio Stratos coming from the beat group I Ribelli.
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