Robot chicken star wars episode ii

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Robot Chicken: Star Wars - Episode II

robot chicken star wars episode ii

Star Wars: Robot Chicken - Anakin and Padme

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An ambulance-chasing lawyer who specializes in Jedi-caused injuries. The Mos Eisley Cantina band trying to sell their only song as a jingle, and failing. Boba Fett acting like he got stuck down the Sarlacc on purpose. Emperor Palpatine getting advice from his hairdresser to hire bounty hunters to find the Millenium Falcon. While a typical Robot Chicken episode can jump from segments related to Mario Kart and Fast and the Furious to segments about Masters of the Universe villains, Star Wars Episode II allows creators Matthew Senreich and Seth Green and their gang of excellent writers to narrow their focus on the most minuscule characters and events of one of the most oft-parodied pop culture franchises. Episode II throws the first version down a shaft in the Death Star and takes the throne.

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Dialogue [ edit ] Mon Mothma : [to Restaurant waiter] I'll have the calimari. Admiral Ackbar : Well. I guess I'll have the insensitive bitch.
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Robot Chicken. Advance Review: Let's be honest, regardless of the review at the bottom of the page, you're still going to watch this show. In fact, George Lucas ' team of lawyers have already pushed through legislation stating that all fanboys and girls are legally obligated to watch it. The great news is you won't be disappointed. The Star Wars saga has endured countless parodies and jokes since the premiere of the original back before many of IGN's readers were even born. And yet, the amazing thing is that even after all these years of spoofs, parodies and homemade videos, there's still plenty of great material left to uncover, even if the Robot Chicken writers have to search the far off reaches of the Star Wars universe to find it. That's why Robot Chicken's format of long set pieces and short, one-joke sketches is a perfect fit for a Star Wars special.

Robot Chicken: Star Wars Episode II


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