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the strategy behind sainsbury’s ‘try something new today’

try something new today

Sainsbury's launch ad

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Sainsbury's is dropping its "try something new today" positioning after six years in favour of a "live well for less" commitment to its customers. The retailer's director of brand communications Claire Harrison-Church said the change reflects the pressures being put on its customers. She said: "We know that customers' budgets are under more pressure than ever before but when we speak to our customers they talk about not wanting to compromise on the quality of products. The shift in brand proposition is the result of an month review and overlaps with the end of the partnership between the supermarket and long-term brand ambassador Jamie Oliver. It will be illustrated with a new ad campaign breaking tonight that shows how customers can gain from enjoying the small things in life.

Sainsbury's is dropping its 'try something new today' strapline in favour of a new message which it hopes will strike a chord with customers suffering a squeeze on their wallets. The supermarket chain will introduce the new strapline "live well for less" in an ad campaign breaking on TV tonight. Build your marketing knowledge by choosing from daily news bulletins or a weekly special. All Topics: Ad of the Day. Ad Tech. Affiliate Marketing.

Sainsbury's "Try Something New Today" campaign is one of my favourite examples of smart, simple, effective strategy that delivered genuine business impact. Based on true insight, it revolutionized their business and delivered remarkable sales growth. The case study video is 12 mins but it's absolutely worth it. Actions Rob Weaver on Sainsbury's "Try Something New Today" campaign is one of my favourite examples of smart, simple, effective strategy that delivered genuine business impact. The calculation of successful ROI is interesting. Showing true value.

No ideas? Check out this list of 30 new things to do today and pick one or more! Everything listed is something you can easily do no matter where you live, and even on a tight budget! Learn ten phrases in a new language—what about Japanese, Italian or Portuguese? Have a picnic in your local park complete with a packed lunch and your animal friends.

Sainsbury's drops 'try something new today' strapline

It's easy to get into the habit of doing the same things day-in and day-out. Here are 25 new things to try today to give your life a little bit of a shake-up!, Have you been more tired lately?

Sainsbury's - "Try something new today"

Sometimes that reboot is a monumental life shift. Just as often, new beginnings can be about pushing out of your comfort zone and flying in that scary ultralight, riding a horse down a curvy and steep mountain pass, climbing a pyramid that is much taller than it appears from the ground, or finally learning Italian. Bucket list stuff. They push the adrenalin, pump up the heart rate and above all, leave us exhilarated and feeling righteous. Empowerment plus.



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  1. Here's a starting point for anyone looking to move outside their comfort zone and trying something new or different.

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