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french news this week

India's Modi, France's Macron meet ahead of G7 meetings


An emergency meeting about the Amazon forest fires, a row with the Brazilian president, new taxes for digital companies and a surprise visit by Iran's foreign minister, President Macron's hosting of the G7 summit in the seaside town of Biarritz featured action and drama. Emergency aid fund for Amazon wildfires, surprise visit by Iranian foreign minister, here are the key things you need to remember from this weekend's G7 summit. The French president said G7 leaders did not reach a consensus on whether or not to invite Russia to the next G7. As the G7 was underway in Biarritz, a heavy police presence was felt in the coastal town of Biarritz. The two leaders have used the summit in Biarritz to focus on different issues with Trump favouring bilateral meeting to discuss trade and Macron concentrating on climate change and the Amazon. Paris celebrated the 75th anniversary of its victory over the rule of the notorious Nazi leader Adolf Hitler on Sunday August 25 with a parade in s dress, delighting onlookers who took part in the joyous commemoration.

As the end of summer holidays sadly approaches, here are the dates of the upcoming school year's holidays to help sweeten the pill. Every year, the US rejects thousands of kidneys from deceased older donors, the majority of which would have been used in France, according to a study published Monday that described the organs as a wasted resource that could save lives. Moving abroad offers an exciting opportunity to live a happier and healthier life. But how can you make sure that you're enjoying the experience to its fullest? That's where practising mindfulness can help.

News about and from France. Do you have a story for us? Contact us via news connexionfrance. Around 30 prehistoric monolith stones and one human skeleton - which could date back as far as 6, BC - have been found in central France, with the discovery hailed as the first of its kind in the region. France may introduce a new emergency phone number in a bid to ease congestion in hospitals and help ensure people receive faster, more appropriate care for their condition, the government has said. A team of French and Swiss engineers is working to make human urine a credible alternative to chemical crop fertiliser.

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The raging fires are straining the usefulness of the concept of sovereignty. The French president seemed to be everywhere at once at the summit he hosted in Biarritz, using the opportunity to reassert the efficacy of the European approach to global problems. At the Group of 7 meeting in France, President Trump changed his approach to the trade war with China time and again, leaving much of the world off balance. The war of words reached a new pitch after the Brazilian leader made a sarcastic comment on a social media post mocking the French first lady. President Trump spoke again about the trade war, President Emmanuel Macron of France discussed diplomacy with Iran, and world leaders agreed on Amazon aid. Trump said he only regretted not raising tariffs faster.


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  1. Protests erupt after French supermarket uses automation to evade labour laws. A tale of two alphas: Trump, Macron and the rocky road to rapprochement. Macron calls out Bolsonaro's 'extraordinarily rude' insults against wife Brigitte.

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