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'Dragon Ball Super' Episode 112 Recap With Spoilers

dragon ball super 112

Vegeta Vs Toppo Full Fight Episode 112, 114, 115

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Universe 3 decides now is the time to take out Goku, he is weakened after all. Universe 4's Monna goes after Caulifla and Kale, before Cabba steps in. He needs to protect Universe 6's secret weapons. He is knocked out, but surprisingly he is saved by Vegeta! Who then promises to resurrect Universe 6 when he wins.

D ragon Ball Super episode takes a bit of a break focusing on the mighty Jiren. Jiren is busy meditating while this episode focuses on the Saiyans instead. The tournament is far from over, although Universe 7 is in the lead as they have the most fighters left on the battlefield. Anyway, episode of Dragon Ball Super starts off with Goku. Despite losing all of his energy, Goku is determined to get another crack at Jiren. Before he can fight Jiren though, Universe 3's robots attack Goku in his weakened state.

By creating an account, you verify that you are at least 13 years of age, and have read and agree to the Comicbook. When the story starts afresh, fans meet up with the Gods and Angels on the sidelines. The group looks scared of Jiren, but Belmod seems pleased. They all look at the fighter as he meditates in the area with fights surrounding him. Goku looks at the fighter and says he can keep going.

Sadly for him however, Frieza arrives and sees a good opportunity to beat up a Saiyan warrior again, just like the old days. Goku, still recovering from his battle with Jiren, is saved by the super battle-hungry female Saiyan Caulifla, who wishes to fight Goku so she can get stronger having learned Super Saiyan 2 from their last battle earlier in the tournament. This leads to a four-episode fight between Goku and the female Saiyan pair of Caulifla and Kale. So after the second Goku-focused epic in as many episodes we return to some other characters for the next two. In Episode Androids 17 and 18 fight the magical girl parody duo of Rozie and Ribrianne, which is good for a laugh, and finally puts an end to the gag characters that admittedly stopped being funny a while ago Also during this episode Vegeta allows himself to be punched in the face repeatedly by a weaker foe in the hopes it will unlock Ultra Instinct for himself, but soon just gets angry and punches the guy away that scene made me laugh. The Namekians are interesting; they are so powerful because a whole bunch of Namekians fused with them the same method Piccolo used to get stronger back in the Frieza arc when he fused with Nail in order to help defend their universe, which makes sense and is a good twist. In a recent interview with the producers they let it slip that the arc is ending in March, so there is still quite a bit to go on this bizarre multi-versal extinction story!

Spoilers will be talked about below, so please be sure to watch the latest episode before reading on! This review is based off of the dub version of Super that currently airs on Toonami. But will Cabba have what it takes to take on not just a strong universe 4 fighter but then the Evil Emperor, Frieza himself? Lets get straight into our recap and review, and find out shall we? We start Episode on a really quiet note.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 112 Review

Cabba finally ascends to Super Saiyan 2 (Dragon Ball Super Episode 112 Subbed 1080p HD)

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