Spaghetti con i ricci

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Fantastic family dinner, amazing... - Ronda Locatelli

spaghetti con i ricci

Spaghetti alla polpa di riccio / Primi piatti pesce

con    mercatini di natale a san donĂ  di piave

We have foraged for urchin before. In the warm waters of the Caribbean we did not meet with much success. The search was not methodical, we did not consider the season — it was more a half-assed curiosity in between cocktails. The memory exists almost as a hallucination: a slightly stooped septuagenarian produce-stand owner barking at me like a drill sergeant, his face inches from mine, alive with Fellini-esque animation as the warm and relentless sirocco blows his wispy dark grey hair from one side to the other and carves, ever deeper, the lines in his face. But I know it and I keep him waiting as I smile back at him silently. To add onion would throw the dish out of balance; it would be a disservice to the urchin. Olive oil, garlic, pepperoncini , pasta water, lemon, salt and sea urchin a concession was made for butter al piacere.

We use to eat often at Ronda Locatelli when staying a the Atlantis Dubai as the generous menu satisfies all our family members kids 9,7 years old. This evening I experience the best spaghetti con i ricci di mare spaghetti with sea urchins I had in my life! What impressed me by this dish in the Ronda Locatelli menu in Dubai is that the leading ingredient sea urchins have to be transported from the med and that such dish is very atypical in an italian restaurant abroad due to the string seafood flavor. Well I can tell you that the spaghetti ai ricci di mare by Ronda Locatelli in Dubai is simply worth an applause if you love seafood and well cooked high quality spaghetti "al dente" italian style, I hope the restaurant management will keep this dish on the menu for a long time and for my future returns to Atlantis. The very kind Maitre D gave me the chance to compliment myself with the Chef from Sardinia. All our family love this restaurant and all the kind staff many thanks also to Italian Waiter Dino , well done and many thanks! Been for lunch and dinner.

Taste Riscossa

Spaghetti ai ricci di mare. Ingredients g Riscossa Spaghetti Drain the pasta minutes before it is al dente and pour into the pan together with the stir fry.
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