Pasta con i peperoni

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Bucatini alla Crema di Peperoni Rossi con Piselli (Bucatini with Red Pepper Cream Sauce and Peas)

pasta con i peperoni


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This recipe is simple, but it teases your palate with its rich flavor. It takes its name from the renowned sister of the famous Italian actor Aldo Fabrizi She used to prepare this recipe in her trattoria in Rome. The combination of peppers and the delicate lean chicken meat creates a truly inviting and healthy dish. The addition of chilli pepper gives a special bite to this recipe. The amount of chili pepper is purely personal, if you want a really spicy dish you can add two chilli peppers. The chilli pepper adds flavor, and it is beneficial to your health see also spaghetti alla puttanesca.

The name translates to "Pappardelle with cream of sweet bell peppers". I hope I got it right - anyone from Italy care to comment? This was the second time I made pasta from scratch meaning, the pasta itself in my adult life. The first attempt was somewhat of a failure, both in the sauce department beetroots, lemon juice and chili peppers. Way too much chili peppers and in the pasta department bad timing calculations and inexperience caused to pasta to come out too soft. This time, however, I hit it right on, producing one of the most successful pasta dishes in my arsenal so far.

Say peperoni , in whatever shape and form, and you will see hearts showing up in my eyes, just like the emoticons you have on your smartphone or the ones you see in cartoons.
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Bucatini with red pepper cream sauce is a wonderful dish to serve for a weeknight or for a special occasion. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. This is the recipe that gave me the idea for the sauce on pasta. The sauce I created is made from sweet red peppers, with added chicken stock, butter and fresh cream, the flavor will truly make you sit up and pay attention! Saute for a few minutes until the peas are cooked; add a little salt and set aside.



Pasta con peperoni- Pasta with peperoni

Spaghetti con peperoni giallo rossi


Ingredienti (2 persone) gr di pasta corta (rigatoni) gr di prosciutto crudo da un trancio. 1 peperone rosso. 1/2 bicchiere di vino bianco.
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