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do it for her

"Do It For Her" is a memorable phrase taken from a episode of the American animated sitcom The Simpsons, in which character Homer Simpson covers up his demotivational poster at the workplace with photographs of his daughter Maggie in order to create a positive message.

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During one of Marge's self-imposed, weekly family hours, the Simpsons are looking through the photo album. The kids notice that the album doesn't contain any pictures of Maggie, which prompts a Whole Episode Flashback about the events leading up to the youngest Simpson's birth. Some time in the last two years , Homer has finally saved up enough money working at the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant to quit; he does so grandly, mocking Mr. Burns and even burning up a wooden bridge as he drives from the building. He then gets his "dream job" at Barney's uncle's bowling alley, explaining to Marge that he's worked out a budget that will allow the family to get by so long as nothing unexpected happens. To celebrate, Homer and Marge have a romantic evening together In a few weeks, Marge is suffering from morning sickness, and a visit to Dr.

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It originally aired on the Fox network in the United States on January 22, In the episode, Homer recounts the story of Maggie 's birth when the kids ask why there are no photos of her in the family album. The episode was written by Jennifer Crittenden , and directed by Swinton O. Scott III. This was both Crittenden and Scott's first episode on The Simpsons.

Source: Fox. In season 6, episode 13 the kids question why there are no photos of Maggie in the family album. Homer explains that in , completely sick of his job in the nuclear power plant, Homer quits to pursue his dream job working in the local bowling alley. Homer is forced to return to the power plant on his hands and knees and beg Mr. Burns for his job back. In the 18th episode of season 6, a carnival fortune teller begins to tell Lisa what her future marriage will be like.

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