La fine di gaia

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la fine di gaia

Translation of 'La fine di Gaia' by Caparezza from Italian to English.


Remember Me. Photo: Roberto Apa. Wonder then, forms a space where control is relinquished, and the usual assumptions make space for new associations. The elements placed throughout the space play out personal trajectories: they are formed in daily relationships and casual encounters, bodily negotiations, sanctioned collaborations. Like a palimpsest, these many narratives disclose simultaneous time frames but also different instants: layers of moments sitting on top of each other. A sense of order features in the work, only to be immediately dispelled. Welcoming a logic of never-ending mutation, forms give up their unity and liquefy: so the artist attempts to complicate rigid dualisms by blurring the edges of singularity.

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Name change and new focus - La Locanda di Gaia

Questo sito utlizza cookie. Puo' leggere come li usiamo nella nostra Privacy Policy. Traditionally, May is the month dedicated to roses, but there is more to this: in Florence as well as in the Tuscan countryside the beautiful iris or i'giaggiolo , as we call it here is the real protagonist. Indeed it is the symbol of Florence!! Did you know that? They are situated very close to one another, just below Piazzale Michelangelo, so it is very convenient to reach them if only to spend some time there for a quick sandwich, a book or a bit of relaxation during lunch break. Here is a list of those we like the most.

Thank you so much Especially for helping me to understand the more difficult verses. - Varanini Giorgio. Il Rajna, difatti, partendo dal presup- posto che il poemetto fosse stato originariamente scritto daU'anonimo autore in pura lingua toscana e che successivamente avesse subito un profondo sfiguramento di carattere fonetico, morfologico e lessicale da parte dei giullari che se l'erano trasmesso a viva voce e dei copisti che l'avevano trascritto, aveva proceduto, nell'intento di liberarlo dalle scorie dialettali che lo deturpavano, ad un' opera di ripulitura tanto energica e radicale da dare alla scrittura un aspetto del tutto diverso dall'unico per- venutoci 5.

I testi di Gaia

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