Dom 2 online tv

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Dom-2 / Дом-2

dom 2 online tv

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Each of them is sure that he can do it, because then he will be truly happy. To make things as good as possible, the guys have to go through a considerable amount of interesting and exciting tests that they have never had to face before. Naturally for the heroes, life goes on as usual, but anything can happen on a project. Quarrels and scandals have not been canceled, because in a relationship the main understanding is hard to get from your partner. There are naturally those who manage this, but such people are incredibly small.

In the show, the contestants' main objective is to construct a house whilst trying to find a partner in the process. Couples then compete for the house itself. The first episode of Dom-2 was aired on May 11, It remains one of the most highly rated, profitable and longest-running reality shows on television in Russia. It is hosted by Kseniya Sobchak and Kseniya Borodina.

The longest running reality show in Russia about finding your love. Over 3. Dom-2 is a daily reality show about relationships. Seven young men and eight young women move into a country house where they will be living together for the duration of the show — boys and girls in their separate rooms. The rest of the time on the show they will be spending together searching for their soul-mate and trying to form strong long-lasting couples. Each week the contributors vote for a number of best couples, who will then move into VIP-cabins with all the amenities. Also, each week the contestants all vote on one person to be eliminated.

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  1. At the end of the first season, viewers decided on the ownership of the house built by the contestants.

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