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english indie rock bands

Indie/Rock/Alternative Compilation - October 2018 (1?-Hour Playlist)

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In February , four young lads from a port town called Liverpool flew to America from the U. We listed 15 of our favorite new British acts below, in alphabetical order, that have us giddy with anticipation for their potential success this year in America and beyond. After self-releasing his debut mixtape, Badkid , last year, Bakar has impressed audiences with his fervent, genre-bending sound. Bakar draws on the attitude of punk, utilizes a poetic, hip-hop vocal delivery and takes cues from the diverse sonics of alternative hip-hop, soul, indie rock and spoken-word. He initially made a name for himself on SoundCloudórecording his vocals over guitar riffs from acts like King Krule and Bombay Bicycle Club.

Once a thriving scene of big name-artists which produced a vibrant and alternative sound, indie rock currently lies half buried in the annals of British music history. Of course while British indie bands such as Foals, Vaccines, Bombay Bicycle Club and Tribes have not too distantly produced some good music, this is not the scene it once was. The British public buys guitar music there. This was down to this online circulation of their sound, which suggested that the ease with which this music could be publicised would bring similar indie bands to the fore. Since then, however, the tendency seems to be a decline in the number of breakthrough British guitar bands due to the rising accessibility of music through online circulation.

The DIY revolution had begun and British pop would never be the same again. Rex and the Pistols to create their jerky debut. Liverpool romantics intone verses of Blakean portent over florid keyboard surges and dramatic drums. Hailing from Glossop in Derbyshire, this genius Bodines single is a breathless romantic gulp of twin guitar twirl. Loud buzzsaw guitars and drums that sound like cardboard boxes. This Coventry set recorded effervescent bubblegum pop, all buzzsaw guitars, feedback and infectious choruses.

The Californian band embodied a slacker spirit throughout the 90s but there was nothing lazy about their songwriting and knack for killer choruses. Their brand of indie pop saw them experiment with psychedelic influences on tracks like The Cutter, one of the highlights of their extensive back catalogue. The group never released another album but the strength of The Aeroplane Over The Sea means they retain one of the biggest cult followings in indie to this day. To put it plainly, any band that Johnny Marr wants to join has to be considered a very good band. They reached a new generation of fans after signing to major label DGC in but they never lost their edge.

15 Great Italian Indie Rock Bands (With Videos)

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