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"It's about everyone!” Massimo shares 50 Best with the world

massimo bottura charlie bottura

Massimo Bottura on his Creative Inspiration: Jazz - The Performers (Ep. 2) - GQ & Gucci

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The Bottura couple, made up of Massimo Bottura and Lara Gilmore Osteria Francescana , have positioned themselves as one of the most noteworthy couples in the world of cuisine who use gastronomy as a means of transforming society. Their philanthropic projects also include Il Tortellante, which aims to train people with autism to prepare traditional tortellini. The Botturas have first-hand knowledge of what it means to be autistic as their son Charlie suffers from the disorder. After school there is a gap in terms of the socialisation and continuity within society of autism sufferers and it is also difficult to find extracurricular activities for them. Il Tortellante began in with 10 children aged between 14 and 20 and the project has since grown and will move to a larger space in the city of Modena, which will include a laboratory and shop. Este sitio web utiliza cookies para que usted tenga la mejor experiencia de usuario. Posted On 1 year ago.

How famous is Massimo Bottura? Well, last week, while cooking at an exclusive event in Turin, Henry Kissinger, the world-famous US statesman, asked Massimo for a selfie. Massimo had better get used to the attention. I want to use this spotlight to make visible the invisible. That could be very interesting. Bread is Gold. Massimo Bottura - back on top of the world!

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It would be an extreme understatement to say that Massimo Bottura knows good food. Massimo and his wife, Lara, are busy raising their two kids, year-old Charlie and year-old Alexa. Charlie was born with a rare genetic disorder that requires constant care to address his unique needs. While raising Charlie has been challenging, Massimo revels in the opportunity to share moments with his son, and is as committed to spending quality time with his whole family as he is to making food. What is your name? Massimo Bottura. How old are your children?

If asked what he would transport to a desert island, according to his wife, Massimo Bottura would take tortellini, the handmade egg pasta typical of Bologna and Modena that is filled with prosciutto, mortadella and parmiggiano cheese. More than just a comforting food, tortellini is a tradition that brings together a community, and one that sparked a new project that began three years ago and now takes on a new form with the opening of Tortellante. Tortellante began in project form three years ago when a friend of Gilmore and Bottura approached them with an idea — could they teach special needs children to make tortellini? Who could be the best teachers for these young boys? They know the recipe not by heart but by their hands.

Chef Massimo Bottura on Cooking With Kids

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Massimo Bottura’s Tortellante: teaching autism sufferers to make tortellini


Lara Gilmore launches Tortellante pasta lab with Massimo Bottura to empower special needs teens




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