Audi s4 new model

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New Audi S4 2019 review

audi s4 new model

2018 Audi S4: Start Up, Exhaust, Test Drive and Review


The updates bring refreshed styling outside, new or heavily revised engines, and a greater emphasis on mild-hybridisation to the already comprehensive A4 package. Topping the range is a new diesel-powered S4 TDI model featuring a bhp V6 diesel engine, a far cry from the naturally aspirated V8s that featured 15 years ago, but perhaps one more in keeping with the automotive ecosystem of Despite the increasing popularity of SUVs, the A4 continues to be the biggest seller for Audi, making up 20 per cent of total production. In fact, only the boot lid, roof and bonnet are shared with the current B9 A4, signalling the importance Audi is placing on this update. The lighting, front and rear, has also been redesigned with a further emphasis on vertical LED segments as found on the A6 and A7. Inside, the A4 has undergone a more subtle update, with only the electronic interfaces having changed from those of the current model. Rather than switch to the new dual-screen layout found in its larger siblings, the A4 has instead just replaced the previous MMI system with the new touchscreen on a slightly larger

This is the new Audi S4. Like the rest of the range, the subtle sports saloon and estate has been refreshed for , with revised styling, improved lighting tech, and a faster, prettier infotainment setup. But the big change comes under the bonnet, where petrol makes way for diesel. But can the S4 do anything to restore a little pride in the black pump? The 48 volt architecture enables a mild hybrid system, which features an integrated alternator starter and a compact 0. Among other things, this drives an electric compressor installed between the intercooler and the engine which, according to Audi , effectively eliminates turbo lag. The result is bhp.

Audi has fitted its latest mild-hybrid turbocharged V6 diesel powertrain into the S4 Avant , following the recently launched Audi S5 , Audi S6 and Audi S7 Sportback , which received the same powertrain. Also like its stablemates, the S4 Avant will reach an electronically limited top speed of mph, while 0—62mph takes 4. Image 2 of The engine features a large turbocharger, driven both by exhaust gasses and a small electric compressor. The compressor is automatically activated whenever the required engine load exceeds the capabilities of the turbocharger, with Audi claiming the system reduces turbo lag. To improve economy and emissions, the new S4 Avant is fitted with a mild-hybrid system comprising a volt belt-driven alternator starter, an energy recovery system and a 0. European economy figures stand at 6.

The compact saloon and its always cooler wagon brother will both come with the same bhp mild hybrid diesel engine that has already been dropped into the S5 , the S6 and S7 solely for European markets. It harvests otherwise wasted energy under deceleration and sends it to a 48v battery that can then supply the motor with power when the driver gets back on the right-hand pedal. The engine will cut out when speeds drop to 13mph. Quattro all-wheel drive is standard as well, naturally. Fuel economy is listed under WLTP testing as an achievable-sounding

2019 Audi A4 facelift revealed, with new S4 TDi topping the range

There are better-handling cars still, mind. This score is awarded by our team of expert reviewers after extensive testing of the car., Jump to navigation. The range-topping Audi S4 saloon and Avant estate models will be offered with a bhp mild-hybrid turbocharged diesel V6 engine.

Audi S4 Review



Thus the new Audi S4 saloon and estate will get a mild-hybrid TDI set-up just like In Europe, it's going to be at the expense of a petrol version.
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  1. The New Audi S4 performance saloon has made the ostensibly unfashionable switch to diesel but could it be an inspired move on Audi's part?.

  2. Audi has announced plans to install a liter TDI engine in the S4 Sedan As it's the case with the other diesel-fueled S model, the engine.

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