Louis vuitton resort 2017 bags

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Louis Vuitton Handbag Collection 2017

louis vuitton resort 2017 bags

Louis Vuitton Resort collection, runway looks, beauty, models, and reviews. from TWA's iconic flight bags, Ghesquiere's LV collections have become era agnostic. Louis Vuitton Spring Ready-to-Wear.

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The Louis Vuitton Resort show was as spectacular as ever. Photo credit: wwd. Photo credit: vogue. From the monogram canvas bag to the classic epi leather , its enduring history alone makes it a brand that's worth the investment! Each timeless in their own way and representative of the different eras of Louis Vuitton. Here are our top 5 picks!

Tech accessories present a huge opportunity for luxury brands, but even though we're a zillion generations into the iPhone's existence by now, none of the top-tier players have every gotten phone cases and accouterment exactly right. Brands tend to approach the pieces too rigidly, which means that most of the fun, quirky cases that consumers love are made by upstarts instead of luxury leather houses. With one of the pieces heavily featured on Louis Vuitton 's Spring runway, though, that might be about to change. There were a lot of exciting new bags in the show, including some very pretty full-leather pieces that should appease the logo-averse among us, but the thing I want to touch the most in person is the new iPhone case, modeled after the popular Petite Malle clutch. It looks as luxurious and detailed as any phone case I've ever seen, right down to the clochette that acts has an earbud-wrangler. The piece found its way into several models' hands, so I'm betting it and hopefully a full line of equally luxe tech pieces will be a big push for Vuitton come spring.

Louis Vuitton has launched versions of two of its monogram handbags with built-in flexible OLED digital screens at its Cruise show. The Canvas of the Future bags are made from the classic brown and cream Louis Vuitton monogram motif PVC-coated canvas, with black patent leather, and feature functioning video screens on their sides. During the show, the screens displayed moving images of cities. An Instagram post by the brand shows a pair of scrolling web browsers. The bag comes in two styles: a hand-held bucket bag with a short strap that the brand calls a Duffle bag and a handbag that zips down the middle with two handles, the Speedy Bandouliere The flexible screens which allow for x resolution are made using OLED technology, which stands for organic light-emitting diode. It is a lighting technology that can produce extremely thin and flexible light panels that don't require backlighting.

Having stamped its signature monogram print across everything from luxury leather goods and luggage to ready-to-wear collections, French fashion house Louis Vuitton is one of the most iconic brands in the business. Known not for moving with the times, but rather shaping them, the Louis Vuitton label is currently in the hands of Marc Jacobs and his vivid imagination. All aboard the Louis Vuitton Express. Louis Vuitton Shanghai Maison. Kate Moss lights up at Louis Vuitton. Why your skincare routine should include your entire eye area.

Pre-Fall I'm also going through Accessories images for the collection so will post them after! Born4thjuly, luxemadam, Alhambra made to order. Louis Vuitton envisions a borderless world.


Louis Vuitton Resort 2017 Show

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