Honda x adv 2017

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Honda X-ADV review (2017) | UK road test

honda x adv 2017

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Model updates : An exciting new crossover motorcycle emerges: the Honda X-ADV mixes SUV style and off-road appeal with a tough chassis, long travel suspension, four-piston radial-mount brakes and strong performance from its cc twin-cylinder engine driving through Dual Clutch Transmission. A large underseat storage compartment, 5-way adjustable screen and Smart Key system ensure day-to-day convenience. The process: consider the attributes of the average adventure-style motorcycle —great go-anywhere appeal, an upright riding position giving superb visibility and a remarkable all-round usefulness, work or play. Combine the two together, and something interesting emerges. The new machine will have a tough, stylish SUV image. It will be fully at home navigating the urban sprawl and will be loaded with all of the premium features that enable easy life in the big city. And it captures the essence of two-wheeled freedom in an exciting new form.

BikeSocial Publisher. Scooter, adventure bike or just one of those weird things Honda builds from time to time? What the X-ADV really is the first mass-production feet-first motorcycle.
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A master of incisive interrogation, Clare conducted in-depth interviews with prominent people from different walks of life, inviting them to answer penetrating questions about their lives. Motorcycle or scooter; mod or rocker; Sting or Brando? Unfortunately, the trail was too gnarly for the scooter and so a presumably frustrated Daniele came up with his dream concept… A go-anywhere machine featuring a combination of the best features of a motorcycle and a scooter. Daniele told his story with such great passion, humour and sense of pride that I was left thinking I should buy an X-ADV to keep the story alive. And fair play to Honda for eventually backing creativity and offering us, the two-wheeled consumer, something genuinely new and inventive. Maurizio was next up in the presentation, and in an equally passionate display told us that his creation came from a vision of combining the best parts of a scooter, adventure bike and SUV. Unlike our European counterparts who go straight from the breast to riding a scooter, the UK is predominately a motorcycle nation, and I can foresee the possibility of a self-image buying constraint.

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Honda blurs the line between the scooter and motorcycle worlds with its genre-bending X-ADV model. The X-ADV brings a scooter-like body together with a proper motorcycle drivetrain that delivers twist-and-forget operation not unlike a CVT-equipped, swingmount scooter. The Red Riders further confuse the issue with dual-purpose tires meant to turn in a decent performance on soft surfaces while maintaining a certain amount of roadworthiness for your urban commute. Perhaps the confusion is all on my end? The X-ADV leads off with some very strong rally-tastic elements in the wire wheels, usd forks and adjustable windshield. A moderate fairing parts the slipstream to form the air pocket for the pilot, and the five-way adjustable windscreen comes well vented to help reduce the head-buffet effect for less stress and wind noise under way. Behind the screen, a rally-style digital instrument readout passes on all the pertinent information in a format that is easy and intuitive to read, even under duress.



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  1. May 24, Honda blurs the line between the scooter and motorcycle worlds with its genre- bending x-adv model. the x-adv brings a scooter-like body.

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