Warframe best weapons 2017

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best primary weapon that is under mastery rank 10

warframe best weapons 2017

What are the best weapons out there at this moment? Like the best 3 On at PM, GoHardLikeNiksyn said: Let me make this.

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With the large selection of weapons and frames in Warframe , it can be hard to choose the best ones. The best sniper rifle is Lanka, hands down. With mechanics similar to a bow, a shot with this gun hits hard at max charge. Accurate and precise, it has high base damage without mods. In its base form, it deals electric elemental damage, which could combine with other elemental damage, including fire, toxin, or cold. The weapon is customizable and useful for a variety of circumstances.

Let me make this straight. There's no tops or downs for weapons, IMHO. Yes, even Aklato can kill enemies, bear with it. Hell, Mutalist Quanta, Paracyst, Spectra, Convectrix and lot more forgotten weapons are still fun and good to play! Vaykor Hek from syndicate Primary weapon E xcellent. Galatine Prime melee. Knell is good.

Warframe Best Primary Weapons

I looked in my foundry and realised i dont have that many good primarys. So i came here to ask the community what their best weapon is., Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts.



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