Au jour le jour 2017

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Au Jour Le Jour RTW Spring 2017

au jour le jour 2017

Mirko Fontana and Diego Marquez presented their take on fashion's current fixation with the ruffle-heavy simper of nu-Victoriana today put.

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From bomber jackets to sorority logos on dresses, Au Jour le Jour, once again, killed it in Milan! I think fashion week is so amazing for all the crazy good designers to show off their best fashion skills and talent. Indeed, the heels, all the models are wearing in this collection are so adorable! The fabric that goes up the ankle really keeps a feminine look to the whole outfit and also brings out everything ten times more. Next up, that checkered romper the model is wearing on the first picture is totally something I would love to have! I could pair it with cool sneakers or cute heels like she is!

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That was the main takeaway from a collection that gently riffed on the idea of sororities, membership of which was signified by Greek lettering plus emblems and florals stamped with giraffes, lions, ladybugs, and dolphins. The ruffle stuff was prettily executed, as either long shirt dresses slit high or halter neck aprons in gingham or animal retro-florals. Any hint of Little House on the Prairie —ness was roundly confounded by the insertion of one-shouldered sequined sashes or varsity-Harrington hybrids in nylon micro checks with those for-the-hell-of-it crests, sometimes cinched at the waist with Japanese-influenced belts. These designers are also very keen on two-thirds skirts that allow one leg to flash forward. There were three menswear looks two longer-at-the-back hoodies worn with shorts and a pink-fades-to-gold sequined sweatshirt with shirt cuff. Cuffs became a signature detail in the womenswear with a closing series of sequined dresses and sweats, sometimes worn under aprons, with unraveled extra-long french cuffs in contrasting colors or florals.

Au Jour Le Jour




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