Crazy frog bros now

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Crazy Frog

crazy frog bros now

Crazy Frog Bros

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Prince of egypt is a movie worth to watch but what is more worthy than Crazy Frog spin off?? He's still cool, right?? Ring ding ding dickerydoo!! Moses the old perv, where hollywood got it's inspiration. Sweaty and tired the two had to grind on eachother night and day, only hearing the smacks of their wet bodies and Moses' cry for more and faster action! Add a Comment:. Load All Images.

Do you remember the Crazy Frog? Silly question. The image of Crazy Frog, in his goggles, naked as the day he was born, grinning like only a perturbed amphibian can, has haunted me for as long as I can remember. A truly vile and detestable creature, it is only rarely that I find myself dedicating anything close to attention to him and his malnourished form. The Frog was spawned in by Swedish animator Erik Wernquist, and by , he'd slunk back into his pond to die a necessarily sad, lonely, and hopefully painful death—a victim of his own viral success, an abject aberration who left nothing behind but a bloated, drug-stuffed corpse.

This is what the Crazy Frog kid looks like today


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  1. A mounting body of evidence from this colossally sickening year suggests we are living in the end-times.

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