Tin it non funziona 2017

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Federal Government Shuts Off Google Adwords Campaign For VA.gov After ‘Blatant Mismanagement’

tin it non funziona 2017

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While signing into effect an executive order aimed at ultimately improving VA for its employees, Trump also cast a shadow on the children of those same VA employees. The VA canceled it because of Trump visit. Said they will do it next year. Nothing improves employee engagement more than canceling this event in favor of announcing an office that will help fire more folks… Oh, and also help whistleblowers. Is it just me, or does it seem clear that the White House chief of staff has a horrible grasp on how to help the president look good? The optics here do not look good, and the president certainly cannot afford unforced errors like this simple scheduling goof.

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Yesterday, I exposed that the Department of Veterans Affairs is using tens of millions in taxpayer money to fund its propaganda and public affairs operations directly and through its government contractors. The information is not public. The number is still about twenty, which is about what it was over a decade ago. Twenty veterans kill themselves each day. One government official, commenting under condition of anonymity to DisabledVeterans. The focus needs to be on delivering on the mission, not pretending to. This is blatant mismanagement of taxpayer dollars on objectives that lack oversight or evidence of a return on investment.

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