Red bull flugtag 2017

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Building a Red Bull Flugtag flying machine is flugging difficult

red bull flugtag 2017

Red Bull Flugtag 2017. Самый дальний полет.

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On Saturday, Aug. During the family-friendly event, amateur aviation teams of five build homemade flying machines and send them off a foot high flight deck into the Allegheny River to see which craft can fly the farthest. Past crafts have been inspired by winged beasts, modern oddities, foods and fantastic blasts from the past. Since the first Red Bull Flugtag took place in Vienna, Austria, in , more than Red Bull Flugtags have been held around the globe, attracting up to , spectators for a single event. The group also plans to hold a second event in Nashville, TN, in September. Derek Weber, president of LionHeart Event Group, the event management company that produces the Regatta, shared his enthusiasm for the upcoming event. Fearless, fun-loving, and foolhardy teams will be judged on three criteria: flight distance, creativity of the craft and showmanship, with each group performing a skit to their favorite tune before taking the plunge and hoping to get some air.

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We joined up with Nissan in Nashville, Tennessee to build a non-motorized flying rig. Then we pushed it off a foot platform and prayed it would fly. Challenge four Nissan engineers to build a flying machine at an event full of ridiculous costumes and dances, then throw in a final, breathtaking foot plunge into a river, and you have the Red Bull Flugtag. Since the early s, the Flugtag, which means "flying day" in German, has put regular folks on a quest to see how far they can fly, without the aid of any type of motor. Participants are tasked not only with engineering their rig, but coming up with a theme that includes costumes and a skit. Each flying rig is placed on a cart of some sort, with one pilot attempting to fly the damn thing and four folks pushing the cart off a foot platform into a river.

Red Bull Flugtag, Pittsburgh




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