Red hook milano 2017

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Ivan Garcia Cortina to win the Red Hook Criterium Milano

red hook milano 2017

Red Hook Crit - Milano No.8 Director's Cut

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Get in touch below and we will get back to you as soon as possible. You can set your address, phone number, email and site description in the settings tab. Link to read me page with more information. We recently wrapped one of our last events of the season, our home Red Hook Criterium in Milan. It was the eighth edition of the race and the sun was shining, making for a great weekend of racing and parties. As ever we had a great crew of volunteers who ran it all seamlessly under the guidance of Palu founder Alberto Battaglia. It was nice and sunny and we spent the afternoon in the track circle catching up with friends, drinking beer and eating focaccia.

The 11th year of the Red Hook Crit race series saw an unexpected contraction with the cancelation of the London and Barcelona events. Race director David Trimble attributed it to unanticipated costs. In the past, all Red Hook events have broken even, and Trimble intends to keep it that way with the intention of finding more support for to return the series to full strength. However, these fluctuations should not affect the quality of the athletes making their way to Milan for another shot at victory. Will we see a rematch?

The Red Hook Criterium is the spectacular yet unsanctioned race for fixed gear track bicycles on the streets of an urban circuit. The field consists of elite athletes, track stars, amateur racers, professional cyclists, bike messengers and urban cyclists. For the Red Hook Criterium, fixed-gear track bikes are mandatory, requiring riders to possess street-tuned handling skills and high levels of fitness. It was his first time at the Red Hook Criterium, but he gave a Master Class in how to take a solo win against a strong and experienced field of criterium racers. It was an amazing event, and the atmosphere was great: a crowd of passionate fans lined the course and made it an electrifying night of racing. It was my first time, and I did not expect to walk away with the win as my rivals were very strong and used to riding fixed bike on such a technical course.

Red Hook Crit Milano. Soon, I see. The race had just started and like dominos, a mass of cyclists in the middle of the pack crashed to the ground, tumbling on top of one another. The crowd is gasping. We are sprinting onto the course only to turn our heads and see in the distance behind us, the front group of riders, zooming around the corner at more than 35 MPH into the straightaway to end their first lap right where we are standing. The race had been called for a restart, but the riders rode through the stoppage warnings. Kacey seems calm like she has seen this exact scenario play out a million times.

2019 Season Hiatus

RHC - Red Hook Criterium Brooklyn No.9 Full Race Replay

WorldTour winner: Cortina (Bahrain-Merida) takes Red Hook Crit debut in Milan

The fourth and final round of the Red Hook Criterium Championship series, held in Milan Saturday, saw two new winners emerge. Eight years ago, Milan was the first Red Hook Criterium event outside of its namesake Brooklyn neighborhood, and over that time that the Italian cycling culture has embraced the event. The crowds were out in full force in the Milan neighborhood of Bovisa, with fans packing in along the course, as well as on neighboring balconies, roofs, and walls. The 1. There are no hairpins on the Milan circuit, but the narrow streets, tight sight lines, and nine high-speed corners all play a part in testing the athletes. The duo managed to pull their gap out to 30 seconds before the end of the race with Cortina overhauling the Italian on the last lap to win. Saraiva lead through the final corner with the clear intention of taking the series points.



RHC - Red Hook Criterium London No.2 Official Race Video


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