Garage italia customs ristorante

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Garage Italia Milano, Milan

garage italia customs ristorante

Based in Milan – at the crossroads of the fashion, design and automotive industries–, Garage Italia is a concept-to-product trendmaker driven by the unchained.


The restaurant was closed, it has been for three months as they have no chef. According to Garage Italia Open Table has been notified many times. It cost me euro 60 in taxis. Compleanno del mio fidanzato. Piatti buonissimi e ambiente fantastico. Vale decisamente la pena di visitare il locale. Potevamo fin da subito essere avvertiti e fermarci per un aperitivo

The first floor has a cocktail bar with 1, model toy cars hanging from the ceiling and bartenders dressed in racetrack jumpsuits. Just beyond lies the ultimate showroom for car lovers. Contemporary art from the Gagosian Gallery shares the space with display boards exhibiting every custom paint color and interior material—from crocodile to Harris tweed—that you can choose to pimp out your Ferrari or Gulfstream. If you can tear yourself away from the tailoring choices and the Ferrari simulator, the restaurant upstairs boasts a Riva terrace yes, a dining balcony made to feel like a Riva yacht , and the indoor banquettes include glove compartments. A race track with miniature Formula 1 racecars adorns the ceiling, and the bar was made from a vintage Ferrari Both Ferrari and food lovers should not miss a meal here. Comments Open Close.

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Once a petrol station, this futuristic garage now combines cuisine, cars and Ditec brand technology. What: Lapo Elkann, in collaboration with architect Michele De Lucchi and chef Carlo Cracco, has created a luxury garage which unites the worlds of food and cars under one roof. Project: The close attention to detail has not missed anything, not even the Garage Italia Customs automatic doors. A game of speed and movement: 3 Ditec brand solutions for this fascinating location of lights and motors. The wide range of solutions offered allows Ditec ALU48 frames to be fitted in any architectural context, embedding the entrance with elegance and harmony in compliance with the strictest Standards and European Directives. The basic concepts that characterise our systems for frames are: complete simplicity of production and assembly supported by detailed technical m

When you hear that one of the best known Italian chefs and Lapo Elkan have opened a new place, expectation imediately rocket: unfortunately really is very disappointing. The garage is very nice, and very well refurbished, but the content is not there, at least for Ferrari simulator just fantastic And everyone has the best time for eons driving s on Mugello or Monza or Little appetisers could be more refined. Dinner: tartare delicious although Amazing decor. The menu is fortunately condensed starters, equal number of mains.

In here the excellence of movement in all the three elements is shown. Through these details and color shades, the entire history of the car is traced through decades and brands, recreating a unique historical and cultural anthology. Downstairs there are toilets. Here the theme is water and all the toilets are made with details of Riva motorboats , vintage models for ladies, contemporary models for gentlemen, both with the iconic details of mythical and stylish Aquarama. The ceiling is a Formula 1 circuit, yes, you have read it well, a track with one-way model cars. In the center a Ferrari GTO surrounded by a counter where you can seat.

La nuova scommessa di Lapo

Garage Italia Milano, una nuova "casa" per l'auto secondo Lapo Elkann

Ditec automatic doors for Garage Italia

Culinary speaking, this is the most interesting and stimulating element that emerged during the opening — a few days ago — of Garage Italia. The renovation was directed by star- architect Michele De Lucchi : the space is now a sort of atelier for cars, where artisans and creatives from all around the world will customize all sorts of cars, motorbikes and boats according to the taste and needs of the clients. The building — as you can see from our photos — is now even more beautiful. The restaurant on the first floor. The seats reproduce the historic seats of the great Italian cars. The staircases bear tire marks.



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