Tour 2017 tiziano ferro

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tour 2017 tiziano ferro

Tiziano Ferro Il Mestiere Della Vita tour Rome, at the Stadio Olimpico, Rome, Italy.

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Known as the modern face of Italian pop music, Ferro is drawing over 50, fans to the 12 dates on his second stadium tour across Italy. Clonwerk S. One 4x4pro serves as a master while three 4x4pros with VFC cards, and the disguise auto failover understudy system was deployed for full backup reliability. Four live feeds are always ready to be displayed, and we switch from one to the other depending on which works better with the specific part of the song played at that very moment. The company has assembled a team of experts for pre-production and production on disguise and Notch. Key to the VER-team was Jo Pauly, the disguise Programmer and Operator from Visual Solutions, whose expertise allowed us to fully take advantage of the disguise capabilities during the entire process. We use up to four video mattes in sync with graphics to open a live feed merged with graphics.

The two automation challenges were … to provide a fluid and smooth movement system for a large video ceiling weighing 11 tonnes, which moved in all directions and to track two massive upstage LED screens into different configurations throughout a very dynamic set. In addition to these, also required to move were two lighting trusses either side of the video ceiling, a water screen in front of the video ceiling rigged on two moving hoists and a pyro effect circle upstage of the video ceiling that also shifted position. The video ceiling was a show-stopping moment in a production full of WOW factors. The 7. It was moved by 18 x EVO motors specified by WIcreations and tipped, tilted and pitched in all directions. WIcreations devised a custom hydraulic load censoring and control system which integrated the hysteresis from each individual motor and applied some clever maths and triggering calculations so all the chain hoists could be made to act as if they were one enormous motor!

Ferro has released a Spanish version of each of his albums, and has also sung in English, Portuguese, and French.
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Tiziano Ferro Tour 2017 "il mestiere della vita" - Salerno


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