Look through my eyes lyrics

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Look Through My Eyes

look through my eyes lyrics

Look Through My Eyes lyrics

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Moderator Overview Albums 27 Lyrics Playlist 5. Verse There are things in life you're learning, and over time you'll see, Because out there somewhere it's all waiting and if you keep believing, Bridge So don't run, don't hide, it will be alright! You'll see, trust me, I'll be there watching over you! Chorus Just take a look through my eyes, There's a better place somewhere out there! Just take a look, through my eyes,. This song was last modified on August 2nd,

Artist Name. Song Name. Sponsored Links. Judge not and shall be judged first Die nigga, die nigga [chorus] Look through my eyes, see what I see Do as I do, be what I be Walk in my shoes, hurt your feet And know why I lurk the streets [DMX:] Burning in hell, but don't deserved to be Got niggas I don't even know that wanna murder me It's because they heard of me And they know that the Dark is for real The bark is for real, when you see that spark it'll kill Be poppin, robbin and chill, take it over there bark wit' it From Ohio to Cali to Baltimore back to New York wit' it Come through flyin', a Up the school street cuz I come through mine Barking my dogs, get at me nigga arf arf arf Get at me nigga What the deal is, never forget what real is Them cats that used to say X is the best know he still is Can't help but feel this, putting goosebumps on your arms Take you there if you want but I lose chunks with the bomb Then come for the star Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and it's getting warm Feel me yo [chorus 2x] [DMX:] I can understand why y'all niggas is scared of me And why the big dogs never wanted to play fair with me Cuz I leave blood wherever I go, wherever I flow Wherever I blow niggas who know I can go Feel me yo What is it about the Dark that gets niggas where they about to spark.

"Look Through My Eyes" Lyrics

There are things In life you're learning Only in time you'll see It's out there somewhere It's our way in if you keep believing So don't run, don't hide It will be all right, you'll see Trust me, I'll be there. Watching over you Just take a look through my eyes Look through my eyes There's a better place somewhere out there Oh, look, just take a look through my eyes Look through my eyes.

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  1. Lyrics to "Look Through My Eyes" song by Phil Collins: There are things in life you learn And oh in time you'll see It's out there somewhere It's all waiti.

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