How to crop youtube videos

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Video Crop Editor: Crop YouTube Video & Save It on Your PC or Mac

how to crop youtube videos

Crop YouTube videos online easily in two steps: Enter the video URL and select the excerpt to crop. The only one that is compatible with all devices.

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You can cut out the beginning, middle, or end of your video on a computer. You don't need to re-upload a video to trim it. The video's URL, view count, and comments will stay the same. This feature is only available for videos shorter than 6 hours. If you want to trim or split your video at a specific time, just enter it in the box next to the Trim button. Press the X above a section to undo a split for that section. You can click Clear all at any time to cancel your changes.

When you watch a video on YouTube, you might want to trim out or share a short section with our friend instead of using the whole video. Here are some examples:. Kapwing allows you to import the video directly from a YouTube link, cut out a section, and download the shortened MP4. You can share, save, and use the trimmed video your own creations. Kapwing will automatically import your video from YouTube. Move the start and end time sliders to select the section of the video you want to include. The preview will show you what your output clip will look like.

Just set the desired video quality in YouTube player. The clip that you download will have the same quality. Set the "start time" to the frame that you want to capture. The end time is ignored, so set it to any value that will enable the download. We try to generate mp4 files for videos and m4a for audio. If for a given input it's not possible you may get some Matroska mkv, mka or Vorbis ogg files. Have a look here to find players for these file types.

But sometimes, you might wish to crop a video before uploading it to the YouTube or make more editings on the YouTube video. Then, the built-in YouTube video editing tool is definately cannot satisfy your needs, and you're going to find a more effective way to crop, edit YouTube videos and save it, right? In this post, you're going to learn 2 different ways to crop a YouTube video within few clicks. And one of them can also help you split, cut, combine, rotate, reverse a video without any restrictions. This post will not only guide you to crop a YouTube video, but also show you the simple way to edit YouTube or other types of videos with clear guideline. Its easy video editing mode helps any beginner to do basic editing as ease as a breeze.

Well-formatted videos can help your company deliver its message with more impact to audiences on YouTube. You can crop videos directly within YouTube without any third-party tools or applications by using formatting tags. The formatting tag designed for cropping removes anything that falls outside the boundaries of a window. This feature can be useful for removing windowboxing, or the black bars appearing to the left and right as well as on the bottom and top of an image. Click the thumbnail of the video you cropped to view its new dimensions. Aksana Nikolai is a graduate of the New York Institute of Technology with a bachelor's degree in language studies and international affairs. Nikolai is currently working in online marketing and communications.

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Q: I have lots of videos and when I upload them to YouTube platform, it seems that they're not fully fit the screen and there are some black bars on the sides. How can I crop these videos? Is there any way that can help me crop YouTube videos directly?





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  1. Oct 8, When you watch a video on YouTube, you might want to trim out or share a short section with our Copy the URL of the YouTube video you want to cut. . How to Post a Portrait Image or Video to Instagram Without Cropping.

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