Has shakespeare been to italy

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Why Shakespeare is … Italian

has shakespeare been to italy

The "Shakespeare Guide to Italy" demonstrates conclusively that the author Shakespeare was not a writer, this much has been solidly known.

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A third of the Bard's plays were set wholly or partially in the country, with locations ranging from Sicily to Rome to Venice. Even in those plays set elsewhere, he often couldn't resist an allusion to Italy - often to praise its art or to comment on the bitter wars between its city-states. Where did his fascination with Italy come from? Italian settings were fashionable for writers of 17th century Britain, partly just because the country was exotic as a foreign location, but Italy captured the imagination far more than any of Britain's other European neighbours. Italians were thought to be particularly passionate, charismatic and devious, making them perfect characters both for lofty tragedies set at court, and for comedies.

'In Shakespeare's time, Italy was a place where anything could happen', while the names Romeo and Juliet may have been taken from poet.
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By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. History Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for historians and history buffs. It only takes a minute to sign up. Some of William Shakespeare's most famous plays were located outside of England proper. However, did Shakespeare ever travel to Italy as an inspiration for writing his famous plays? It appears from biographies such as this one that the answer is no. Few people other than military or diplomatic traveled abroad in the 16th century, and Shakespeare did not fit the "adventurer" mold.

Shakespeare’s Italy

Shakespeare and Italy - Alexander Waugh - SAT 2013

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These novels solve the mysteries surrounding Shakespeare by transporting us back in time, to walk in his shoes, and see his world through his eyes. Only when we see Shakespeare in his original historical context can we understand what his plays and poems really mean. This blog explains some of my ideas and discoveries, to prepare for this series of novels. Articles Written For:. Shakespeare's Shylock Solved 2. Shakespeare's Othello Finally Identified 3. Shakespeare In Love Sequel Solved 4.

According to a most eccentric breed of anti-Stratfordians — the people who argue that Shakespeare wasn't Shakespeare — Shakespeare was quite literally Italian. His name, they suggest, was Crollanza or Scrollalanza "shake-speare" , before he moved to London from Sicily via northern Italy. Fanciful as it is, this theory, which first emerged in the early 20th century, shows just how far some Italians are prepared to go to claim Shakespeare as their own. More tangible and significant is the extent to which Shakespeare is thoroughly embedded in Italian culture, both at the highbrow and popular end of the cultural spectrum. Acclaimed literary translations, such as Giuseppe Ungaretti's 40 Sonetti di Shakespeare , give only a partial sense of the variety of local dialects into which Shakespeare has been translated.

So frequent and thorough is Shakespeare's engagement with Italy in his plays that it has been suggested that he travelled to Italy some time.
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