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Legends of Football: Ronaldo Luis Nazario De Lima, "Il Fenomeno"

ronaldo nazario de lima

Ronaldo Nazario De Lima. From Another Planet. This Is Why.

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Feeling he had something to offer, Ronaldo sought Keko out after the match. He told him to hold his nerve in such situations, to wait for the goalkeeper to make the first move. His imprint on the current generation of stars is undeniable. Since the top players all now earn salaries larger than the profits of medium-sized companies, there are signs that they may follow the lead of Ronaldo and David Beckham, who heads a group that owns Inter Miami, the Major League Soccer franchise set to debut in Ronaldo, 42 and a father of four, traces his own interest in business to his first days in soccer. He made his professional debut at

Popularly dubbed "The Phenomenon", he is widely considered one of the greatest football players of all time. His moves to Spain and Italy made him only the second player, after Diego Maradona , to break the world transfer record twice, all before his 21st birthday. By 23, he had scored over goals for club and country. After almost three years of inactivity due to serious knee injuries and recuperation, Ronaldo joined Real Madrid in , which was followed by spells at A. Milan and Corinthians.

Ronaldo (Brazilian footballer)

The La Liga club will do everything to assist authorities investigating alleged match-fixing, says owner Ronaldo. Having recently become chairman of Real Valladolid, the Brazilian icon says he will shed the pounds in a bid to help the club succeed.

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While all of them have made their name in the soccer world, the one rise above them all probably is Ronaldo Luis Nazario de Lima. Popularly called The Original Ronaldo, Ronaldo Nazario is widely considered to be one of the most famous soccer players in the history of sport. Now a retired Brazilian pro footballer, Ronaldo played as a striker and scored a record number of goals during his 18 year career. His main position in the football field was Centre-Forward and he wore jersey no. Ronaldo Nazario, generally referred to simply as Ronaldo or more simply as R9, was the true finisher of the game apart from a striking forward for the opponents.

Lets Begin. He was the third child of the couple. Ronaldo Luis Nazario de Lima came from a poor family who struggled to send him to school. He was recognized as a child prodigy in his growing years mostly in the area of academics. His progress and good performance at school reached its climax till the age of 11 when the unexpected happened.

The year-old Brazil legend won by an absolute landslide after taking home over 60 per cent of the vote. Much, much, much further back in the voting count was Gunners legend Thierry Henry, who secured a second-place finish. Courtesy of Goal , posted below are what some legends of football had to say on Ronaldo. Credit: PA. There was nobody like him.



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