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18 Great Bruce Springsteen Collaborations

bruce springsteen melissa etheridge

Melissa Etheridge has cited this duet with Springsteen on "Thunder Road" as the highlight of her career. She was so nervous that she.

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It is ranked as one of Springsteen's greatest songs, and often appears on lists of the top rock songs of all time. Started out as a song called "Angelina", then after further development, Springsteen did a solo recording in October at Sound Studios , Blauvelt, New York, of "Chrissie's Song", including the line, "leave what you've lost, leave what's grown cold, Thunder Road". Sometime between November and January , Springsteen took "Chrissie's Song" and lyrics from another composition, "Walking in the Street", and combined them into a song he now called " Wings for Wheels ", which he recorded in February. He took the line, "they case the promised land" and verse, "Oh baby I can't lay the stars at your feet, but I think we could take it all, just you and me, Oh come on and see there's a lot of room, For you baby in this front seat" from "Walking in the Street". A memorable moment, not preserved for album No. But "Wings" had a horrible jazzy ending, and sometime after March 9, the last time "Wings" appeared on a set list , Bruce took the music the main coda he had written for "Walking In the Street", and patched it on to the end of "Wings for Wheels"; now his new lyric "this is a town for losers, I'm pulling out of here to win" was followed by the new instrumental outro, or the "instrumental coda", or "Walking in the Street".

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Melissa Etheridge's first album is a seminal record in my music fandom. So it's always been a great pleasure and honor to talk to her over the years. And she was one of the artists I have most wanted to include in my Who I Am column. So when she announced her new album, The Medicine Show , a stunning collection, out this Friday, April 12, that is Etheridge at her best -- as she says, "I just want it to be the people's music" -- I was overjoyed to be able to speak to Etheridge for this edition Who I Am. As always, the answers are a fascinating insight as to how an artist was shaped and how their earliest influences still are a part of their life and art today. For example, Etheridge, who is writing the music to a stage production of the movie Mystic Pizza , is a huge theater lover. She says yes, that absolutely plays a part in her work.

Directed by Milton Lage. With Melissa Etheridge, Bruce Springsteen.
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Etheridge, who had her commercial breakthrough back in with the multiplatinum smash album "Yes I Am," released her 12th studio LP, "This is M. Q: How is it, when you're doing a show and you know it'll be preserved for a live DVD? Is there any added pressure or do you just go out and do your show? A: Well, the good thing about this DVD is it was the last show of the tour, so we were tight by then, we had been playing all month long, and it was a big celebration. Because of the nature of the new album, we couldn't put all the new tunes on it, so we had to do some older tunes, so the show ended up, in real time, being about three hours along, but we can only put so much on the DVD. It was actually just a blast of a show. At that point, you've just got to throw caution to the wind and say, "If I don't have it right by now, it's not going to be right.

Melissa Etheridge Occupation Musician. Age Relationship status Married. Best known for Her album Yes I Am. Currently Promoting her new album. When I left home at 18, I told Dad I was gay.

The Late Night staff did such a good job recreating Springsteen's old look that even hardcore fans took a few seconds to realize they were looking at the real deal and not an impostor. Bono broke his shoulder on the Joshua Tree tour and often invited fans onstage to play guitar in his place. Springsteen's final tour with the E Street Band before their decade-long hiatus was for Amnesty International in Sting came out many nights to perform "The River. Later that night he was coaxed onstage to sing the Beatles classic "Come Together" with Springsteen. Rose didn't perform again in public for six years.

Melissa Etheridge & Bruce Springsteen - Thunder Road (Live)

Bruce Springsteen and Melissa Etheridge~"Thunder Road"~

Melissa Etheridge featuring Bruce Springsteen, Melissa Etheridge, Bruce Springsteen - Unplugged - Music.
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