Black ops 3 trophy guide

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Call of Duty Black Ops 4: Classified DLC Trophy Guide & Roadmap

black ops 3 trophy guide

Find out the best tips and tricks for unlocking all the trophies for Call of Duty: Black Ops III (PS4) in the most comprehensive trophy guide on the internet.

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Unlock the trophies and achievements of Gorod Krovi with our massive Black Ops 3 Zombies guide, showing you how to ride dragons, unlock magic shields, grab an arsenal of super weapons, and much more. The ruins of Stalingrad hide many secrets. Then there are the weapons — craftable or unlockable, and the insane Pack-A-Punch machine quest. If anything, riding a dragon with accompanying cutscene is only the beginning of Gorod Krovi. See what it takes to unlock every trophy and achievement with the tips and tricks in each challenge-specific guide right here.

Buy now from the PSN Store. Title Updates Title Update trophy ratios are calculated using the total gamers with the game as the base figure. Multiplayer still packs a quality competitive experience and the few additions do add some variety, but it does little to freshen things up for experienced players. Zombies appears to have a lot of promise, but a matchmaking bug hobbles the enjoyment unless you always have four friends available. By far the worst mode, the campaign is a disjointed disaster punctuated by interesting visual design and is certainly not worth the hours to complete it, especially when potentially losing level progress due to a save bug.

The Xbox One and PlayStation 4 has a total of 58 trophies and 57 achievements. Since the Xbox and PlayStation 3 do not contain a Campaign mode, they have a different set of Achievements and Trophies. A Second Chance. High Tide. Belly of the Beast. Into the Abyss. Blood for Blood.

Players reading this article might wonder why they need a guide to tell them how to achieve the different black ops trophies available. The simple fact is that some of the actions required to earn these trophies in game will never be carried out in a regular game — the player must set out with the intent to be award the trophy in question. Of course, on completion of the guide, you get a shiny platinum trophy to show off to your friends. Many of the trophies in Black Ops can be gained through playing through the single player campaign. Some are awarded simply for completing missions, but others are awarded for achieving certain feets while playing through the game. The following list of black ops trophies is organised by mission. By playing through the game through a second time on Veteran difficulty, there is a second set of trophies to be gained.

Collectibles 1. All Collectible Locations Curator. Miscellaneous 2. Decimator — In Campaign, kill 10 enemies in under 3 seconds 2. Sting like a Talon — In Campaign, kill 20 enemies while flying the same Talon 2. Foe To Friend — Use an enemy combat robot to kill 10 enemies 2.

Call of Duty (CoD): Black Ops Trophy Guide

The trophies are fairly straightforward and quick to do, easier than the zombie maps in the main game. You can also play in public match with random players. -


Call of Duty Black Ops 3 Trophy Guide




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