Stalked by my neighbor

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Stalked by My Neighbor

stalked by my neighbor

Jodi Allen and her mother Andrea moved to suburbia to help Jodi recover from a traumatic home invasion. But when year-old Jodi, while taking photos out.

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In the film, Kristen Chambers lived across the streets from recently moved in Andrea Allen and her year-old daughter, Jodi; who moved to the neighborhood after a home invasion that saw Jodi at the mercy of an assault of their apartment. She was also the niece of realtor Lisa Miller, who was brutally murdered by an unknown attacker--revealed later as their neighbor Ted Wilcox. Once Nick Thompkin, another of Jodi's new neighbors, is suspected of killing Lisa, Jodi works on clearing his name, and quickly discovers Ted and Kristen together. Among other things witnessed by Jodi on her trail, Kristen engaged in a sexual act with Ted while celebrating their new fortune, only for the scheming vixen to pull out a gun and kill her lover--most likely to prevent having to share the inheritance with him. Kristen attempted to set up the scene to look like a suicide, but her plan was halted when she realized she was being watched. She caught Jodi in her closet and later forced her to drive to an isolated wooded area, while holding her at gunpoint. Kristen ordered Jodi to put down her camera and dig a shallow grave for herself, but at that moment, she noticed Andrea behind both of them and fired a shot at her.

A girl and her mother escape to suburban safety after a home invasion scares them out of the city, but they're soon menaced by a sinister figure. Caitlin Laingen Derek Bishe. Megan Zanzinger Brianna Smariga. Shadowland Johnson Production Group. Doug Campbell, the director of the Stalked trilogy, should be a household name for cinema lovers across the globe. The guy who brought us Stalked By the Doctor, now delivers Stalked By My Neighbor, a title that doesn't really have anything to do with the film in itself. This is a very cheap verson of Hitchcock's Rear Window.

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Kristen Chambers (Stalked by My Neighbor)

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  1. Stalked by My Neighbor Poster. A mother and her year-old daughter move to suburbia to help recover from a traumatic home invasion, but a sinister shadow.

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