Yu gi oh meta 2017

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My Top 10 Best Yugioh Decks

yu gi oh meta 2017

Have a look at the latest Yu-Gi-Oh! Meta Decks and try your hand at some of the best decks such as For all things Yu-Gi-Oh! check out shikakutoru.info

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Harpie Lady decks are considered to be very strong and quite versatile. Together with some more normal monsters and Order to Charge will make it very difficult to handle. A variation of harpie deck is to use Relinquished. By absorbing an enemy monster, a harpie lady can then destroy on the next turn, so relinquished can absorb yet another monster which leads to a direct attack. Relinquished decks have been getting more popular as of late, since 2 are obtainable after the return of pegasus event, and the exposure of high ranked players' deck from the KC Cup event.

We all fall victim to that nervous feeling as we prepare ourselves for any yugioh tournament. We get both an equal dose of nervousness and excitement as we try and formulate a plan to counter which decks we may encounter. Will it be a meta beat down or a rogue assault? Will we see that new cyber dragon XYZ monster that is just way to over powered or will someone show up and throw out a vanilla deck we can walk all over? Oh I wish! While the types of decks we will play are a vital step to get that much deserved win, we often neglect to consider what types of player we may run into. You may assume I mean good and bad, but it goes much deeper than that.

Top 16 decklists for all Yugioh tournaments. See the top decks and measure the meta.
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10 Yugioh Player Types You Just Don't Want to Meet

Meta information (Mar, 2017)

Having played for over 15 years, you can imagine the size of my collection. I do enjoy pondering over my many thousands of commons, keeping them instead of throwing them away or selling as bulk. Due to this, my deck counts stands at nearly Personally, using a wide variety of decks is the optimal way to enjoy Yugioh. Investing your budget into competitive decks is the best way to win matches and compete in tournaments for sure but I play casually. About time too, Konami hit the nail on the head with what they released. Imperion Magnum is an epic boss monster, capable of negating any effect once per turn.

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There are four different Decks in the current meta that all have a chance of winning. In fact all of them already won bigger events. Quick Questions: How do you like the current format?

Quick Questions: How do you like the current format?



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