Mineral water for babies

Bottled Water For Babies: When Can They Drink It And How Does It Differ From Baby Water?

mineral water for babies

! The baby to drink Mineral Water the First time!

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Imagine this. You are out with your baby on a hot, sunny day. With no other option, you head to a store and buy bottled water. But can the baby drink bottled water? Is bottled water as safe and pure as the boiled drinking water at home? Here, MomJunction addresses this predicament and answers all your queries about bottled water for babies.

Mineral water is commonly available these days and contains various minerals, salts and sulphur compounds. Most people whose water source is contaminated or those who are travelling prefer to use this water as it is believed to be safe. But how safe is it for babies? Whatever, we give babieseven if it as basic as water, we need to first know if it is ok for them to consume, given their age. Sometimes, it is possible that consuming a certain type of water could be a source of problem in children. Hence, it is always best to exercise caution. It is very essential that babies and young children have enough fluids for better health and well-being.

A: You may be tempted to buy bottled water to mix with formula, but in general, tap water is safe. In fact, since there aren't clear standards for the filtering process used in bottled water's production, it may not be any better than your local tap water and could be worse. Bottled water also lacks fluoride, important for healthy teeth, so if you use it, ask your doctor about starting baby on fluoride drops at 6 months. Whatever kind of water you use, it's best to sterilize it first. Bring the water to a running boil for one minute and then turn it off. If you let it boil for too long, concentrated salts and minerals can build up. You can stop sterilizing water once you've introduced your baby to solid food, at 4 to 6 months, since your child's system will be exposed to bacteria in real food.

Many parents have concerns about what kind of water to use in formulas and there is always the notorious question of, should I boil the water? We are happy to answer some of you most common questions about mixing water with your baby formula. The reason behind boiling water is because formulas are not sterile. The Centers for Disease Control recommends using hot water to make formula in order to avoid the risk of infection by rare but deadly bacteria called Cronobacter that has been found in powdered formula. To kill this bacteria if it's present in the powder you must mix the formula soon after the water is boiled, before it cools below degrees F. It would essentially "kill" the possibility. However, we know that when babies are hungry, they want to eat quickly and boiling water may seem like an eternity while your baby cries her lungs out.

Is Mineral Water Safe For Your Baby?

By Claire Gagne Jul 9, Photo: Jenna Marie Wakani., Back to Children's health. This is because it's not usually sterile free from bacteria and may contain too much salt sodium or sulphate.

Should I use bottled water to make formula?

Though all water essentially looks the same, all water is not created equal. You need to be clear on what chemicals and minerals might be present in your drinking water before using it to make formula for your baby. The American Dental Association ADA has issued concerns about using water that contains heavy concentrations of fluoride. While fluoride is often thought of as a good thing, higher levels can cause enamel or dental fluorosis. This is not a tooth disease, but rather causes discoloration on your baby's developing teeth. You will see it as white spots or streaks on the enamel. This imperfection of coloration actually develops on your baby's permanent teeth while they are still forming in the gums.




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