Lotto svizzero ultima estrazione

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Latest Switzerland Lotto Results Online

lotto svizzero ultima estrazione

Date of draw Next draw. Previous draw. Winning numbers & odds. Swiss Lotto Logo. 4; 13; 18; 25; 26; 30; 5; 4. Number of correct numbers, Number of winners.


February 25, Swiss Lotto risultati. Swiss Lotto declared its 3rd largest jackpot on 30 November of The winning figures for the lottery at the time were 18, 22, 6, 17, 23, 26 while the bonus number was 3. Lotto Svizzero Euro Millions Euro lottery lotto svizzero euro millions winning numbers merseyworld.. Lotto Svizzero Ultima Estrazione. Need some lotto number suggestions.

You can view the latest numbers, along with prize breakdowns, winners and UK Millionaire Maker results. The winning figures for the lottery at the time were 18, 22, 6, 17, 23, 26 while the bonus number was 3. Second Tier Prizes. The second prize tier for Swiss lotto is shared among people who have 6 correct main numbers. Please check that the information you provided was correct.

Did you win prizes in the latest Switzerland Lotto draw? Check the winning numbers shown above and compare them with the ones you chose for your ticket.
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Swisslos EuroMillions Play individual picks swiss lotto risultati The same as most lottery games in the globe, earlier, just Switzerland residents were permitted to participate in playing one of the games of Lotto Swiss , such as Swiss Lotto. It was necessary for you to buy your lottery tickets for Swiss Lotto from a certified seller inside Switzerland. Swisslos Swiss Lotto risultati. The latest Mega Millions results are published here right after every draw. You can check the 5 numbers and 1 Mega Ball drawn, the value of each prize category and how many players won in the draw. Over the years, Swisslos has supported more than 12, projects in the fields of sports, environment, culture, social issues, and other good causes.

lotto svizzero online


Number of correct last digits, Number of winners, Prize (CHF). H 9 2 3 H, 0, H 9 _ 3 H, 4, 3' H 9 2 _ H / H _ 2 3 H, 3, 3' H 9 2 3 _ / _ 9 2 3 H, 8.
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